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Indigenous peoples and people of color, as well as people from Commonwealth countries, have responded swiftly and unflinchingly to the passing of the Queen.

For many the Queen was the personification of British colonisation and the damage it has wreaked in their countries – and they were not afraid to say so. Yet others expressed their condolences for the monarch who has long held “a special place” in their hearts.

Condolences pouring in from around the globe for Elizabeth II (who died on Friday morning Australian standard time) grew anger and resentment at their unresolved colonization trauma that, for them the crown represented.

In Australia, Prof Sandy O’Sullivan, from Macquarie University, tweeting as this week’s host of IndigenousX, attempted to explain the reaction and put it into a historical and social context.

“The queen was an integral part of the lives and daily activities of Indigenous peoples, which is why we should be grateful for her passing. She wasn’t a bystander to the effects of colonisation and colonialism, she was an architect of it,” O’Sullivan wrote.

For those saying we should be magnanimous about the passing of the queen, a reminder that the queen inserted herself into the lives of Indigenous people here multiple times. She was not an observer to the…

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