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Conduct is now irrelevant because identity trumps all


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Well, it only took a few thousand years, but it’s happened.

VIDEO: Hell freezes over!

Yes, hell has frozen over. Hillary, get your ice skates ready. How else could you explain universities losing both CNN and Fareed Zakaria? That’s like Krispy Kreme losing the support of Lizzo. Following last week’s hearings on campus antisemitism, Fareed called on schools to abandon their political insanity. Roll it.

CNN’S FAREED ZAKARIA: The ever-growing bureaucracy devoted to diversity, equity and inclusion naturally recommends that more time and energy be spent on these issues. The most obvious lack of diversity at universities, political diversity, which clearly affects their ability to analyze many issues, is never addressed. Showing that these goals are not centrally related to achieving or sustaining or building excellence. What we saw in the House hearing this week was the inevitable result of decades of the politicization of universities. America’s top colleges are no longer seen as bastions of excellence but partisan outfits, which means they will keep getting buffeted by these political storms as they emerge. They should abandon this long…

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