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Confused cows and more time after work: the pros and cons of daylight saving across Australia | Australia news


Depending on who you ask, it’s either the most wonderful time of the year or the bane of their existence.

As most Australians sleep through Saturday night and into Sunday morning, time will skip ahead one hour – but only in some states and territories.

Daylight saving – not “savings” as per common misconception – repositions an hour of daylight from earlier in the day so that the sun shines later into the night throughout summer.

However, the clock change creates a bizarre patchwork of time zones across the country, laying bare just how divided Australia has become over the evergreen issue.

Sydney and Melbourne will remain in sync but Brisbane will be left behind. Perth, which is ordinarily hours behind the east coast, will lag even further, while communities on the Queensland-New South Wales border will begin their annual six-month headache.

When does daylight saving actually start?

Time will jump forward an hour when the clock strikes 2am in the early hours of Sunday morning, 1 October.

One minute the time will read 1.59am. Sixty seconds later it will be 3am.

Wait, so do we gain or lose an hour in October in Australia?

Australians living in states and territories observing daylight saving will effectively lose an hour.

The hour lost brings plenty of gain: extra evening sunlight for the next half-year.

But for those who do view it through this…

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