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Dan Crenshaw lashes out at Fox News’ Jesse Watters for accusing him of corruption: ‘He’s a f***ing clown chasing clicks’


Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw of Texas lambasted Fox News anchor Jesse Watters for accusing him of corruption and then claimed the network canceled his appearance in retaliation.

Watters claimed that Crenshaw had abused his power by profiting off of stock trades, and Crenshaw fired off a fiery response via his Instagram account.

“Hey you f***ing hack, if you’re gonna accuse me of literal corruption, get your facts straight and man up and come accuse me to my face. You’re a f***ing clown, desperate for clickbait,” Crenshaw replied.

He went on to disclose his stock holdings.

“I literally have $10,000 invested in stocks, and haven’t made trades in over a year. I have never had more than ~ $20k invested while in Congress. Fox knows this but they’re desperate for fake controversy to get clicks,” Crenshaw continued.

“Watters is a tool, making millions to push conspiracies on tv, and bash veterans like me who are barely a fraction of his net worth,” he added. “Wake up America. The political entertainment industry is almost always lying to you.”

Crenshaw went on to attack Watters for his divorce in 2019 after ten years of marriage.

“Losers like Watters grew up with a silver spoon. His family is made up of well-connected journalists and politicians,” he continued. “And for some reason, people…

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