Home Politics Dave knows Donald Trump doesn’t consider himself to be a conservative.

Dave knows Donald Trump doesn’t consider himself to be a conservative.


hi everybody my name is dave mason i live in spokane washington i've only lived here for about a year i've actually lived in atlanta georgia and in virginia and in colorado i i've traveled all over the united states i consider myself an american i'm a naturalized american i am actually originally from canada but i always consider myself a conservative and so when i moved to the states i assumed that i was a republican and when 9 11 happened i was pleased with the way george bush responded to it at least in his public appearances i liked the way he tried to unite and comfort the nation i evolved over time with respect to how i felt about george bush's presidency but i never doubted the man's patriotism and i think that's the important thing he's an american i i don't have any doubts that he loves america he may not have done the same things i would have done but i never doubted that his heart was in the right place i did not vote for donald trump i believe he is deranged honestly i mean i i don't know how else to explain his behavior i will not be voting for donald trump i will be voting for joe biden in november because i think that the republican party is in crisis and i kind of think that we need to repudiate the current leadership for supporting this deranged maniac i'm not trying to disparage him i'm trying to call it as i think it it is um the man lies to our faces he treats us as though we're just willing to accept whatever comes out of his mouth and adopt that as our own beliefs and opinions and i'm not having it i'm not part of that that his expectations of your loyalty are cult-like they're authoritarian that's not america that's not the america i learned about joe biden 2020

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