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David Stearns’ quiet start a shift from the debuts of past Mets GMs


If you have a Mets fan in your life — or if yours is, you know, a Mets life — then you have surely heard (or uttered) the grumblings. Let’s put it this way: David Stearns isn’t yet having the kind of rookie year that Fred Lynn had with the Red Sox in 1975. He hasn’t been Edward Norton, showing up an instant star in “Primal Fear.”

It’s been … well, again, honesty is the best policy: It’s been quiet.

The Mets have made some additions, notably plucking a few familiar names out of the Yankees Alumni Association, Luis Severino and Harrison Bader. They signed Joey Wendle, a serviceable utility man. They made two minor league deals that might have been exciting in different contexts: Trayce Thompson (if the Knicks had gotten his brother, Klay, as part of the deal) and Jose Iglesias (if this was 2015).

There have been others. None of them caused a wraparound line to form at the Citi Field box office.

And, well, Mets fans, mostly I believe, are trying to give Stearns some breathing room. There is the logical part of their brains that reminds them: This is not a man without a track record. Mets fans would trade the past half-dozen baseball seasons with Brewers fans straight-up eight days a week.

David Stearns took over as the Mets’ president of baseball…

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