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«Democracy Now!» A Communicate through Journalist Amy Goodman


thank you thanks it's glorious to be right here with you in
Berlin we simply got here this morning through educate from Bonn the place we have been protecting
the UN local weather summit the summit that smartly it's the primary summit that the
President of america introduced that he used to be pulling america
out of the Paris local weather settlement but it surely has that very motion has rejuvenated
invigorated truly coalesce the actions round local weather alternate and
world warming bringing in combination in combination many of us around the
political spectrum you had governors and mayors and Senators from america who had all amassed and bond to mention it's no longer most effective the state the
federal govt all people are right here too they usually've coined the time period for
their motion we're nonetheless in after which there's the younger other folks and indigenous
activists who got here to mention exactly the similar factor and challenged their elders
and their elected leaders the we're nonetheless in motion however what's so
fascinating about all of that is that folks that weren’t essentially within the
similar room sooner than appropriate the because the status quo the place for the final 8
years they wouldn't essentially be in discussion with younger activists they're
all now actually underneath the similar tent and those conversations are very
vital they usually're no longer most effective American conversations they're with other folks all
over the arena I don't know if that's what Donald Trump or what many within the
United States referred to as 45 the forty fifth President of america supposed
however that's exactly what's going down now I need to return a few years
ok a few many years ok again to Global Struggle two
– when Pacifica Radio used to be based that's the place I firstly
come from I come from Pacifica Radio based in 1949 in Berkeley California
based through a battle resistor named Lew Hill who when he got here out of the detention
camp stated there's were given to be a media outlet that's no longer run through firms
that benefit from battle however run through newshounds and artists and that's how
Pacifica used to be born no longer run through firms as george gerbner the past due
Dean of the Annenberg Faculty of Communications on the College of
Pennsylvania would say no longer run through firms that experience not anything to inform
and the entirety to promote which are elevating our youngsters nowadays and so Pacifica Radio
used to be born the primary station KPFA in Berkeley 1949 the second one station in Los
Angeles 1959 KPFK the 3rd station my station in New York 1960 WBAI radio and
within the first yr of operation of WBAI oh they have been broadcasting a debate
between Malcolm X and James 1st earl baldwin of bewdley the nice creator an energetic nest of a–
Stover the effectiveness of nonviolent civil disobedience the effectiveness of
the lunch counter sit-ins within the south after which there's WPF W and Washington
based in 1977 and KPFT in Houston that's the 5 stations KPFT in Houston
went at the air in 1970 KPFT in Houston the petro Metro the center of the fossil
gas trade it is going at the air in 1970 and it makes historical past smartly somebody does a
few years a couple of weeks into the broadcasting of this station the Ku Klux
Klan strapped dynamite to the bottom of the transmitter and blew it to
smithereens appropriate in the course of Arlo Guthrie making a song Alice's Eating place which
I believed used to be a excellent track however anyway he seemed they blow it up and a couple of
weeks later KPFT will get again on their toes they rebuild their transmitter and the
extended family straps 15 instances the dynamite to the bottom of the transmitter they usually blow it
up once more so now it takes months to rebuild and in the end in January of 1971
they're in a position to return at the air and now it's a countrywide tournament and the
media's there and Arlo Guthrie comes again to Houston to complete a track at the
radio and that's KPFT and its persisted broadcasting ever since now I will't
bear in mind if it used to be the Grand Dragon or the exalted Cyclops as a result of I ceaselessly
confuse their titles however he stated it used to be his proudest act and that's as a result of he
understood the risk of Pacifica Radio the ability of impartial media as a result of
it lets in other folks to talk for themselves and whilst you pay attention somebody talking from
their very own revel in whether or not it's a Palestinian kid or an Israeli
grandmother whether or not it's an uncle in Iraq whether or not it's an aunt in Yemen
whether or not it's a local elder from the Status Rock Sioux tribe in North
Dakota whilst you pay attention somebody talking from their very own revel in it adjustments you
I'm no longer announcing you’re going to trust that particular person I imply how ceaselessly will we even agree
with our members of the family however you start to perceive the place they're coming from it
makes it a lot much less most likely that you just'll need to ruin them it's that
working out that's the start of peace I feel the media may also be the
I feel the media may also be the best pressure for peace on earth
as a substitute all too ceaselessly it’s wielded as a weapon of battle which is why we need to
take the media again you know the way is it used as a weapon a couple of weeks in the past my
brother journalist David Goodman and I who I write books with additionally my colleague
from Democracy Now of the final two decades Denis Moynihan is right here he's
live-streaming Democracy Now on kff our and for Democracy Now and for the entire
rosa luxemburg basis and the entirety else that's going out into the ether
presently and I need to thank Dennis who additionally co-authors our books in combination and also you'll see him round as a result of we'll be
signing books after in Dennis's co-author of our newest e-book democracy
now two decades protecting the actions converting The usa however David and I have been in
Albany New York the capital of New York and we have been each and every doing a panel that used to be
chaired through Bob Schieffer what number of of you might be like expats from america
very fascinating so Bob Schieffer is a huge man on one of the crucial company networks
CBS he simply retired he used to be anchor of the CBS Night time Information for years after which the
Sunday morning display he simply left and he moderates the presidential debates and I
each David and I on our other panels have been bringing up statistics about how the
media has gotten it so fallacious so I went again to oh the eve of the invasion of
Iraq February fifth 2003 six weeks sooner than the invasion used to be the day : energy
then US Secretary of State the overall gave that speech on the United International locations
that push for battle that used to be a nail within the coffin for such a lot of as a result of he had so much
of credibility : Powell and the George W Bush management used to be dragging his
toes on battle he didn't essentially endorse the concept Saddam Hussein had
guns of mass destruction however this speech sealed the deal he stated the
proof used to be in that Bush had WMD and used to be an forthcoming risk to the United
States : Powell would later say this speech used to be a blot on his occupation he
deeply regretted this speech but it surely used to be a crucial turning level as a result of that is
the purpose six weeks sooner than battle the rustic is deciding whether or not to endorse
it or no longer whether or not we must move to battle and part the inhabitants used to be for battle part
in opposition to so a gaggle referred to as honest equity and accuracy in reporting the media
watch workforce honest org did a learn about of the 4 primary nightly newscast the NBC
Nightly Information the CBS Night time Information the ABC Global Information This night and the PBS
Newshour the general public broadcasting Newshour they usually checked out that two
weeks the time when Noam Chomsky talks concerning the media production consent
production consent for battle two weeks of interviews on the ones 4 Community
night time newscasts that decide public opinion there have been 393 interviews round
battle visitors what number of have been with anti-war leaders part the inhabitants for part
in opposition to hmm 3 3 of just about 400 that is now not a mainstream media
that is an excessive media beating the drums for battle
so I stated this and Bob used to be sitting over right here and he used to be the moderator and he
truly prides himself on civil dialogue and he stated Amy I’ve to
prevent you right here it used to be the primary time we met and I'm considering oh he's gonna say I
on my own performed various interviews and I’d adore it if he would proper
me and he stated I truly need to object right here
I stated why Bob you if truth be told did extra your self at CBS then I'm announcing right here
than this learn about cited he stated no so I stated so why are you objecting and he
stated I don't perceive your level I stated smartly they're 393 interviews at a
time when the rustic's making up their thoughts whether or not to visit battle and there's
most effective 3 with anti-war leaders 3 of just about 400 and Bob Schieffer says the
Secretary of State had simply spoken we have now the Secretary of State you wish to have us
to carry on anti-war leaders and you realize I used to be he in reality used to be stunned and so
used to be I and I stated if truth be told Bob I feel there's nobody who would liked
that extra in hindsight than colon Powell himself appropriate
he stated he now considers it a blot on his occupation that's what the media is for
to carry the ones in energy responsible this is our process particularly in instances of battle is to dig
deep to carry out the details to not be a celebration to the events however to be aside
from them and sure in fact and I requested Bob you realize in america we
don't have state media but when we did how would it not be any other so he stated
we'd need to comply with disagree however that's what I imply through the media being
used as a weapon of battle and let me take it throughout to nowadays I imply I'll
get a whole lot of examples of this however president Trump has made up our minds to place the
media in his in its in within the crosshairs of the Trump management to focus on
the media he calls us the enemy of the American other folks and I didn't assume that
you possibly can put us in the similar class as CBS NBC ABC CNN MSNBC however he places all of
the media in a single enemy camp and the media is status up in opposition to that
as a result of he's in my opinion concentrated on them appropriate he's calling out names you realize
throughout the marketing campaign journalists needed to get safety guards they have been so afraid as
he would dangle those mass rallies and newshounds have been afraid to return to
their automobiles afterwards on my own as other folks would flip round at those rallies as
president Trump would say after Oh certainly one of his supporters punched out of
black lives subject activist he would say he would pay their prison expenses in the event that they
have been arrested but other folks have been afraid newshounds have been scared this truly
performs out in actual existence so he calls the media the enemy of the
American other folks he talks concerning the failing New York Instances talks about faux
information CNN and the media takes it in my opinion they usually struggle again they usually
get a spine they usually discuss smartly they sound a bit of like democracy now
you realize the media is very important to the functioning of a democratic society and
you pay attention this intoned within the media at all times it's very essential other folks
are finding out time and again each day concerning the First Modification and what it method
and admittedly I don't truly get it and I hesitate to mention this publicly however I
don't get why Trump doesn't prevent for only a week for the reason that reflexive
reaction of the status quo media is to wrap itself across the status quo
and they might do it with him as smartly however he's hitting them so exhausting all of the
time that they may be able to't they've were given to shield themselves and he wouldn't have a
higher buddy in order that they're asking severe questions with the exception of in the case of two
problems local weather alternate and battle so let me provide the examples of battle it used to be weeks into his management
when President Trump you could bear in mind the 59 Tomahawk missiles that he fired
into the Syrian airfield from two naval vessels off the coast of Syria and I
got here house that night time grew to become at the TV and I grew to become on MSNBC probably the most
revolutionary of the community's appropriate so I'm no longer speaking Fox right here I'm speaking
MSNBC and the Pentagon had equipped the video photos you realize this is going method
again George HW Bush after which the entire embedding procedure you realize the Pentagon
referred to as it impressive luck whilst you embed journalists within the entrance strains of
troops they get the protection there with the troops they're consuming with the
troops they're snoozing with the troops how do you assume they're gonna duvet battle
and that began then and it assists in keeping on going and so we're used to this but if
you had Brian Williams on MSNBC because the Pentagon supplies the photos of the
bombs the Tomahawk missiles being shot off announcing in actual time we see those
gorgeous photos of at night time from the decks of those two US Military vessels in
the japanese Mediterranean I'm tempted to cite the nice Leonard Cohen I'm guided
through the wonderful thing about our guns and they’re gorgeous photos of fearsome
armaments making what’s for them a short lived flight over to this airfield in 30
seconds he used the phrase attractiveness or gorgeous thrice I feel Leonard
Cohen can be rolling over in his grave as Brian Williams of MSC NBC talked
about the wonderful thing about the bomb assault on Syria the
keep fareed zakaria of CNN would say Donald Trump changed into president final night time
in a couple of weeks later Trump inexplicably dropped the most important non nuclear bomb in
the arena on Afghanistan appropriate it's referred to as the Moab and the Pentagon dubs it
the mummy of all bombs it's were given like a mile air blast radius and he makes use of the
bomb in Afghanistan it used to be advanced underneath george w bush he didn't dare use
this bomb president obama didn't use this bomb trump comes into workplace and it
simply takes him weeks to drop this bomb and once more portions of the media they are saying he
changed into president you realize we've heard now about this assembly he had the summer time
together with his army chiefs of personnel that is the assembly the place it used to be reported
that Rex Tillerson referred to as him a moron an effing moron and Tillerson isn’t smartly
he refuses to substantiate or deny whether or not he stated that and why did he name him this
this summer time I'm speaking Rex Tillerson the present Secretary of State who's the
former head of the most important deepest oil company on the planet he's calling
the president an effing moron it seems that inside of an hour he requested 3
instances if we have now nuclear guns why don't we use them and that is extraordinarily
horrifying whilst you take a look at the revving up the amping up of the rhetoric in opposition to
North Korea that is extraordinarily severe a couple of months in the past President Trump issued a
commentary in 3 tweets that adjust army coverage round trans squaddies
and pee who would possibly need to be tendencies individuals who
would possibly need to move into the army now he divided it into 3 tweets and the
first one stated one thing like you realize we're gonna announce a brand new army
coverage after which he waited one thing like seven or 9 mins sooner than the second one
tweet and the 3rd tweet until you understood what he used to be announcing that he
used to be going to prohibit trans other folks from america army I imply I may most effective believe
for those who have been a trans soldier mendacity in a sanatorium mattress wounded someplace to wake
up with this message you're out made up our minds through a commander-in-chief that were given out of
the army how again and again as a result of I feel it used to be bone spurs however in that
first tweet he didn't if truth be told discuss trans insurance policies simply stated he's
saying a brand new coverage after which it used to be seven to 9 mins sooner than he then
stated what the alternate used to be going to be and phrase has it rumor has it that even the
Joint Chiefs of Body of workers didn’t know what this new army coverage used to be going to be
it used to be simply he used to be saying and that on the Pentagon there used to be this second of
terror in that 5 to seven mins used to be he saying that america used to be bombing
North Korea I imply that is how out of keep an eye on it’s and for those who assume that
American citizens assume smartly finally they may be able to keep an eye on their president it's no longer simply
concerning the President of america it's the backward and forward with the chief
of North Korea and the way he’s going to reply that is extraordinarily severe this factor of
battle and plenty of consider that we’re nearer to battle than we have now ever been presently
with North Korea nearer to nuclear battle is what I imply and what does the
army do and what does the media do smartly you assume they’ll ask severe
questions however listed below are the examples of what they do when the u.s.

Even underneath
the president they’re asking probably the most questions of we see how the media
responds that is how the media is used as a weapon of battle however I need to return
to that tale I instructed you about KPFT within the petrol Metro in Houston Texas
that's now been at the air for a white over nearly 50 years I instructed you a tale
about historical past concerning the Ku Klux Klan what like 50 60 years in the past I will not
consider we're speaking concerning the Ku Klux Klan nowadays in 2017 that we're speaking
concerning the act of Klan in america that we're speaking about younger
white males masses of them marching over the campus and College of Virginia in
Charlottesville with their tiki torches with torches
I say tiki torch that is even the tiki torch corporate stated prevent the usage of our
torches however what's extra horrifying than in the event that they have been dressed in white hoods and
sheets used to be that they really feel secure sufficient to not duvet their faces President Trump
has ripped open the underbelly of hate in The usa I imply it has at all times been an
undercurrent and it surges at other instances however what he’s doing now could be
horrifying whether or not he used to be within the marketing campaign speaking about serving to other folks
who beat up black lives subject activists or when a white supremacist plows his
automobile right into a crowd and kills a tender girl 31 32 years outdated named Heather rent who
on her Fb web page stated for those who don’t seem to be outraged you don’t seem to be paying consideration
her favourite colour pink which everybody wore on the memorial carrier the following
week when this white supremacist plows his automobile right into a crowd of anti-racist
activists and kills one younger girl and injures rankings of people did
President Bush reply the best way he did just lately in New York when he instantly
classified the individual a terrorist who drove in two cyclists and people who find themselves
strolling alongside the Hudson River and demanded as soon as once more a crackdown on
immigration coverage no he mentioned one of the crucial very advantageous individuals who have been in
that crowd and he wasn't speaking concerning the anti-racist he talked concerning the
violence coming from all sides when other folks stated we've were given to begin dealing
with gun keep an eye on as soon as once more with bloodbath after bloodbath and with the
people who find themselves wearing guns there he stated this isn't the time or where
you don't do that when other folks undergo so briefly instantly regardless that in New York
he mentioned cracking down on immigration sure the message is being
very obviously despatched and it makes such a lot of other folks afraid and but it additionally mobilizes
other folks it is only astounding what has took place since Donald Trump changed into
president appropriate that used to be on January twentieth and primary protests took place on that day
in truth as we talk the j-20 workforce of protesters and a few journalists who have been
arrested are going through 75 years in prison for his or her protests on inauguration day
the next day to come 5 600,000 other folks basically ladies on the inauguration web page in
Washington DC got here out now that is fascinating as a result of you realize what
took place on that day Trump has his inauguration his crowd is one thing like
180,000 which is completely decent however he’s enraged when other folks display the
distinction between his crowd and President Obama's crowd 9 years sooner than appropriate he
is obsessive about the dimensions of President Obama's crowd
he desires to erase the entirety that has the signature of Obama he desires to erase
Obama I imply if you wish to take a look at all that he has achieved it's as though he has a
listing he used to be given a lust listing of the entirety that Obama has achieved the foundations
the regulations and one after the other and in some instances very effectively and the media is
infrequently protecting this they communicate concerning the reality in spite of there's a Republican
Congress Space Senate and president he's no longer been in a position to go one unmarried primary
piece of regulation that's true however he his management is systematically
rolling again many years particularly in the case of the surroundings many years of
laws which were written to ensure a secure air land and secure air
land and water that is Scott Pruett the pinnacle of the Environmental Coverage
Company who’s previously the Oklahoma Legal professional Common who sued the EPA 14
instances who tries to wipe out the EPA and now could be the pinnacle of it doing it from the
within they’re hugely shifting on america govt I imply Rex Tillerson at
the State Division one thing like 60% of the high-level positions within the State
Division have no longer been stuffed ambassadors and sub ambassadors round
the arena those positions don’t seem to be being stuffed now what occurs whilst you don't
fill the ones positions whilst you begin to shrink down the Division of State smartly
that's intended to be the diplomatic wing of the federal government after which you’ve gotten
the Pentagon which might be pouring billions and billions of extra bucks into then
you most effective have one resolution in case you have a hammer the entirety seems like a nail if
you don't have a diplomatic wing however you’ve gotten all of your toolkit army you
know what the response goes to be to any scenario on the planet that is an
extraordinarily severe scenario and although many are
that it's Rex Tillerson and John Kelly now the manager of personnel and madis Mad Canine
Madison calls himself even those are 3 generals or encompass most often
civilian positions who’re surrounding the president and individuals are announcing they
are the adults within the room Rex Tillerson is eviscerating the State Division
John Kelly got here out of DHS main the anti-immigrant strikes on the Division
of Place of birth Safety mattis's the pinnacle of the army and no we don't most often
have a normal because the secretary because the has a secret because the penta because the
Pentagon leader he needed to get a waiver as a result of we most often have civilians in
price of the army that's what a democracy seems like so those are very
severe instances and we have now president Trump pushing for battle and a media that
is oppositional till it involves battle till it involves battle and the problem of
local weather alternate now you could say no the media has been very reasonable in this factor
score smartly over 95 p.c of the arena scientists say human beings are concerned
with the warming of the planet that is approved science with the exception of within the United
States in america in case you have those discussions on tv
which they infrequently do it's it's like each time we mentioned round Earth
we had somebody on from the Flat Earth Society for steadiness in the case of
local weather alternate what we want is the meteorologists appropriate the elements males on
tv and ladies speaking concerning the connection between the horrific climate
occasions the local weather catastrophes that we've skilled the connections
between those they flash two phrases critical climate excessive climate
what about flashing the phrases local weather alternate what about flashing the phrases
world warming it’s so crucial that the folks that the general public track into
tv for you realize simply what to put on on a daily basis what's the elements gonna
be that they make those connections I used to be simply chatting with a meteorologist from
Belgium named Jill Peters who used to be on the local weather alternate convention she began a
new group referred to as Local weather With out Borders and she or he says it's our
duty we're probably the most loved other folks on tv and those that
other folks agree with probably the most we have now were given to speak about local weather alternate as a result of I imply
individuals are sensible however whilst you discuss fires within the northwest and California
those fires which are ripping thru and killing I don't know what number of people at
this level whilst you discuss flooding in puts like Houston Texas and Florida
to not point out what's took place within the Caribbean and in Puerto Rico I imply no longer
to say what has took place in India in Pakistan and Nepal and Bangladesh and
Bangladesh a 3rd of the international locations underwater within the final months over 1,200
other folks have died from flooding in India packet in India Bangladesh and Nepal now
who's gonna hyperlink drought fires and flooding you need to have the scientists
the meteorologists other folks appearing that every one of those disparate climate occasions
are hooked up it’s that severe the destiny of the planet is at stake
however in our media and once more I'm no longer speaking Fox I'm speaking MSNBC I'm
speaking CNN they nearly by no means make the relationship between those hurricanes and
local weather alternate I'm simply gonna ask you to not take any
extra flash photos for those who don't thoughts ok sorry
even though thanks to your hobby however local weather alternate and the elements MSNBC CNN
why they don't make this connection how individuals are going to know this
those are the demanding situations that we are facing they usually subject other folks in the remainder of
the arena discuss this at all times people who find themselves on the goal finish I imply
we – in america are on the goal and we're experiencing local weather
alternate however take a look at Oh democracy now has been at all of the law enforcement officials since Copenhagen so
10 Convention of events UN summits bringing you a tender guy a tender
youngster from the Maldives who appears into the digital camera to talk to the arena
and says you might be drowning my nation as the ocean ranges upward thrust other folks from
sub-saharan Africa who talk to the media there and there don’t seem to be many US
media there they usually say you might be cooking our continent this issues and we come
from probably the most tough nation on earth the traditionally largest greenhouse fuel
emitter it’s completely crucial that we settle for our duty for what
has took place sooner than and for what's took place recently appropriate
as we headed off to the cop this yr in bond our first day we stopped within the
occupied wooded area the humbucker wooded area and a few of you’ll have been there
however we made our method in previous the barricades we went to peer the villages
of other folks within the tree homes and I believed it used to be so fascinating the younger
activists a few of them were there for years they are saying don't make it glance
like we're wooded area those who we simply need to separate ourselves from society
and stay on this method I imply sure they're dwelling sustainably they're the usage of
renewable power solar energy and so forth they stated we're no longer right here to stick we don't
need to keep right here however we need to be sure that the humbucker wooded area remains
right here that's why we're right here we’re a resistance workforce we're no longer right here to
determine a brand new society ceaselessly become independent from the remainder of the arena however to peer
them there within the final 10% of this historic wooded area that has been eaten away
through the Hambach mine the most important open pit coal mine in Europe it seems that the
greatest open pit any roughly mine in Europe with those those excavators that
are the most important on the planet I imply to peer them there in those open pit mines
and you spot a crane or a bulldozer subsequent to them they appear to be Matchbox automobiles the
first day of the cop convention hundreds of other folks possibly somebody right here
surged onto the open pit mine and if truth be told stopped RWE from excavating
from mining for that day or that afternoon calling consideration calling consideration to what's going down
and basically calling consideration to the truth that simply down the street from the UN
local weather summit the place the arena's leaders have been amassed used to be this large coal
mining operation we need to glance in the community sooner than we do the rest and take a look at the
world implications of that so when we went to peer what used to be going down and did
our document at the occupied forests when you’ll be able to test it out at democracynow.org
we got here again on Monday for the one consultation and this hasn’t ever took place
sooner than the only consultation of the u.s.

Local weather delegation it used to be final Monday
afternoon other folks have been lining up all afternoon to enter the consultation and it
used to be very transparent what it used to be the headline used to be one thing like you realize america
delegation presenting coal nuclear and fuel the argument for it so we were given on
line with the click you realize you all have your credentials after which civilian
society had some other line instantly america embassy came around to the Democracy
Now staff and put their fingers over our lens omit excuse me like this can be a
public tournament and we’re within the press line and naturally the UN press is aware of
democracy now we’re probably the most constant US protection of those law enforcement officials for ten years
and I feel they pull the brand new US management facet no you can not make a selection
them out they duvet local weather alternate whether or not you consider in it or no longer and so
we made our method we made our method into the room and it used to be interesting they didn't
know what to do as a result of they are saying it's first-come first-served however obviously the
first line of 100 other folks have been all basically younger activists so what are they
going to do sooner or later after worrying there
being the room simply principally open with the click on the very again now most often
the click can take a seat anywhere they would like as a result of they're gonna ask questions
throughout the consultation however they have got driven them to the again this means that all of the
activists will fill all of the remainder of the rows in order that they're in a horrible bind the
room remains empty for a very long time as a result of they're no longer letting any person in and so two
senators stride in on their very own two Democratic senators from one of the crucial
hardest-hit fireplace states Washington and Oregon Kate Brown and jay Inslee they
march within the press is all there we have now not anything else to do they usually make their
statements announcing this can be a sham this can be a sideshow and now america Embassy is in
giant hassle they’ve to begin this tournament or who else goes to come back in to
talk to the click and so the governor's stride out and in the end they begin
letting other folks in and the entire room fills after which the panel comes out it’s
president Trump's local weather guide George David banks it’s vp Pence's
coverage aide Francis Brooke this can be a spokesperson from Peabody Power ask any
Local American about Peabody and mining in The usa on local lands this can be a
consultant and Obama management or an Obama generation legitimate who’s now
making the most of fuel and he represents I feel it's referred to as let you know Ryan coal fuel
and nuclear it's a consultant of a nuclear corporate that's if truth be told primarily based in
Corvallis Oregon however they may be able to't put any of those nuclear crops in Oregon
for the reason that other folks have had a referendum and it's a no nukes owned so their hope
is to move those extremely cell nuclear devices to sub-saharan Africa
that's the place they see the hope so it's nuclear fuel and coal they usually start
their consultation they each and every is one Mexican Davis came around to me after he stated what
is that this a CVS Buying groceries Community they're simply promoting their wares after which the
white space will stroll out and that's their presence sooner than they depart the UN
local weather summit and that's exactly what they did they took questions from the
press and I requested the final query and I simply stated you realize I need a easy
yes-or-no solution from each member of this panel are you for president Trump
pulling the u.s.

Out of the Paris local weather settlement the nuclear
consultant stated no fuel consultant stated no the pinnacle of the
US Power Affiliation that's fuel nuclear coal and all you realize fossil gas
consultant stated sure he used to be for it and coal she wouldn't say
I requested vp Pence's consultant and he stated we're right here
representing the president as did the president they stated in fact we do
curiously they’d 4 company executives and two of them stated they
part of them stated they didn't even Dorse what the president used to be doing however that
used to be the tip of the consultation and once I were given an opportunity to query David banks
president Trump's local weather adviser later inviting him on Democracy Now as he
stood within the backdrop of our broadcast someday stood there for part of the display
waving however would no longer come at the display I saved turning round announcing come we have been
talking additionally with Kumi Naidoo former head of greenpeace world from
south africa and whom he used to be announcing come come be at the display let's have a
dialogue but if I went as much as David banks afterwards and stated to him you
know simply give an explanation for why this used to be the presence of america right here pushing coal
nuclear in fuel and he stated I need to be sure that they have got a degree enjoying
box with the entirety else that's mentioned right here that’s what represents this
is the management that represents a lot of you for those who're from the United
States on the local weather summit in order that's what took place there however most significantly
what took place are the hundreds of people that come from probably the most besieged
puts on earth who’re useless severe who attempt to make it yearly a few of them
trip like scientists Kevin Anderson from London he’s going to no longer take a aircraft
hasn't taken one since 2004 we noticed him first in Poland I don't understand how many
hours or days he had travelled to get there he stated you get a large number of
medical analysis achieved on those trains however he says sure it's an issue of
converting our way of life as smartly so that is what used to be going down in this finish now I
need to communicate concerning the different finish you’ve gotten the anti coal activists of Germany
you’ve gotten the Trump management pushing for extra coal ensuring
there's a degree enjoying box again in america there may be a particularly
subtle activated motion to forestall the pipeline's criss-crossing The usa
difficult the fossil gas economic system of probably the most tough nation on earth which
is why I need to get to the standoff at Status Rock however I need to get started on
September 6 of this yr now typhoon Harvey had simply hit it used to be
appropriate after Exertions Day weekend democracy now went right down to Houston that
had flooded out such a lot of spaces specifically the fenceline communities
I didn't say frontline I stated fence line those are the poorest communities that
are alongside the fences of the most important petrochemical refineries within the nation
just like the Latino group in Baytown at the fence line of exxon mobil the second one
greatest refinery in the U.S. when those refineries close down as a
results of those hurricanes it's probably the most bad time or after they get started again
up as a result of then they’re the usage of this second to do one thing they're no longer
intended to be doing which is freeing poisonous chemical compounds regardless that it's more straightforward now
and a large number of laws have been waived underneath the trump management and we
the ones chemical compounds move the people who find themselves least secure into their communities
into their water and we took this poisonous excursion of the poorest communities probably the most
marginalised and this used to be appropriate after typhoon Harvey inundated the Caribbean
and Houston and appropriate sooner than typhoon Maria hit Puerto Rico and different
Caribbean islands and you realize what's took place in Puerto Rico it’s
devastating I imply nonetheless I don't know this week however one thing like 80 or extra
p.c in all probability 90% of the rustic nonetheless doesn't have electrical energy San Juan were given
some after which misplaced it they usually stated that whilst they were given some the principle line that
used to be labored on through white fish power and also you've heard of this 300 million buck
contract that went to an organization referred to as white fish identify for whitefish montana
the place of origin of inner secretary ryan's inky when Maria hit Puerto Rico
there have been two staff of white fish they usually were given a 300 million buck
contract to rebuild Puerto Rico Ryan's inky son additionally had labored as an
intern or one thing at Whitefish as smartly now that's being investigated and the
Governor of Puerto Rico introduced that they’re pulling the contract from
Whitefish but it surely's no longer precisely transparent what's going down and they’ll get
tens of millions of bucks so Puerto Rico is devastated and for those who watch tv
thru this time the community's 24 hours an afternoon have been appearing protection no longer fairly as
a lot of Puerto Rico as they did Florida and Ann and Harvey and Houston her
Houston hitting Harvey hit in Houston however you noticed a lady within the water chest
excessive with a bullhorn saving other folks's lives
ensuring other folks have been getting out in their houses
her identify is Carmen you lean crews and she or he's the mayor of San Juan Carmen you
lean crews remarkably courageous I imply have you learnt how poisonous this water is and it
used to be mayor Cruz that President Trump who has a propensity for specifically
attacking ladies went after and talked concerning the deficient other folks of Puerto Rico
simply don't need to lend a hand themselves and talked concerning the politicians like Cruz
being lazy and you spot President Trump talk announcing a few of this from his Golfing
Route in Bedminster New Jersey as mayor Cruz's chest deep within the water and Trump
used to be shamed into going to Puerto Rico and then you definitely noticed the photographs of him hurling
rolls of paper towels at typhoon survivors after he stated we can not stay
in Puerto Rico ceaselessly which would possibly have inspired the independence motion in
Puerto Rico however that's no longer what he used to be looking to do announcing FEMA can't be right here
ceaselessly the Federal Emergency Control Company by no means stated that about Florida
by no means stated that about Houston however nearly instantly stated that about Puerto Rico
smartly after we went to Puerto Rico to hide the devastation there we had a
dialog with Carmen Yilin Cruz after she had simply referred to as the president
the hater in leader when he made this outstanding remark we can not stay FEMA
the army and the primary responders and PR ceaselessly she answered Trump is
threatening to sentence us to a sluggish dying of non drinkable water loss of
meals loss of medication the mayor appealed to the United International locations UNICEF the arena
to face with the folks of Puerto Rico prevent the genocide that may outcome from
the loss of suitable motion of a president that simply does no longer does no longer
get it as a result of he's been in in a position to taking a look in our eyes and
seeing the delight that burns fiercely in our hearts and souls smartly
the playwright and the principle famous person of Hamilton used to be no longer fairly as poetic when he
heard the phrases of President Trump and he answered you realize lin-manuel Miranda
in a tweet after president Trump attacked the folks of Puerto Rico
calling them lazy he says you're going immediately to hell actual Donald Trump no
lengthy strains for you somebody will say appropriate this manner sir they'll transparent a trail
in order that used to be their reaction to President Trump
coping with typhoon reduction in Puerto Rico however between Maria hitting and
typhoon Harvey hitting Texas president Trump selected to take a stand through
going to an oil refinery in Mandan North Dakota status in entrance of it and
bragging about having pulled the u.s.

Out of the Paris local weather settlement in
the midst of those hurricanes and in addition speaking about how he had taken motion he
green-lighted the Keystone XL pipeline and the Dakota get entry to pipeline through the
method simply in the previous few days Keystone and South Dakota part of the pipeline
that's been constructed simply leaked 210,000 gallons of oil precisely what other folks had
stated for years President Obama in the end stopped the Keystone XL after years of
mass protests no other folks circling the White Space and one motion on my own 1,200
other folks arrested that used to be President Trump's reaction to those local weather
Astra charges and he used to be status simply down the street from the Mandan Prison the place
masses and masses and masses of Local American citizens were jailed for
protests protesting the Dakota get entry to pipeline and that's what I need to communicate
about now the standoff at Status Rock it began April 1st 2016 the unofficial
historian of the Status Rock Sioux tribe LaDonna courageous bull Allard has this
gorgeous belongings alongside the Cannonball River in North Dakota and she or he made up our minds to
open it to the resistance the resistance to the 3 level 8 billion buck
Dakota get entry to pipeline what Local American citizens name the black snake because it
snakes its method from the again in oil fields of North Dakota taking the
fracked oil from North Dakota thru South Dakota Iowa Illinois after which
hooking up with a pipeline to the Gulf of Mexico and the Local American citizens stated
no they have been specifically fascinated about it being drilled underneath the
Missouri River the longest river in North The usa that would offer that
supplies water to greater than 17 million other folks downstream they stated it's no longer
on the subject of us and it's no longer on the subject of Local American citizens it's about all people
they don't name themselves protesters they name themselves water protectors
and LaDonna courageous daring Allard opens her belongings and she or he says any person can come
who resists and primary dozens of other folks come after which rankings of other folks than
masses of other folks than hundreds of other folks the primary resistance camp hers
used to be referred to as the sacred stone camp after which there used to be Oh many various
resistance camps that workforce as a result of there have been such a lot of of the pink warrior
camp and different such a lot of other folks had come and this motion this greatest unification
of Local American tribes that america has noticed in many years tribes
from Latin The usa america the primary countries of Canada this used to be
ancient and that is all rising in the course of the
election yr of 2016 when individuals are truly targeted at the problems you realize in
the overall election debates and this I additionally discussed to Bob Schieffer who’s a
moderator of one of the crucial debates the moderators didn’t as soon as elevate the problem
of local weather alternate let on my own the Dakota get entry to pipeline or the standoff at
Status Rock it's this Bob Schieffer replied we must do extra on local weather
alternate and that's vital that's a get started
however the resistance saved on rising now we have been protecting it from afar however on
Exertions Day weekend a yr in the past in 2016 democracy now we made our solution to North
Dakota to be at the flooring protecting what used to be going down and it used to be superb to movie
I imply we might duvet those mass civil disobedience protests other folks marching
in the course of the again roads the agricultural roads of North Dakota Local American elders
they'd get started with a water rite and they might ceaselessly raise glasses of water
and they might be met through an absolutely militarized Sheriff's Division I imply
we're speaking the agricultural backroads of North Dakota they’d M raps they’d
tanks they’d computerized guns they’d drones they usually're going through off
in opposition to their neighbors I imply once in a while the water protectors
would say ok you're protective the pipeline however what about additionally protective
us they’d say this water may be for you it's no longer only for us it's to your
youngsters it's no longer only for ours and you realize that scene of militarized police
departments you are aware of it from Ferguson appropriate you are aware of it from that folks's
rebellion again in 2014 August 9 2014 when Darren Wilson a white
police officer appropriate round midday on that day Prime Midday weapons down a tender
african-american 18-year outdated named Michael Brown who's simply graduated
from highschool headed off to Group Faculty and as a substitute he's killed through a
white police officer and his frame his corpse is left to bake within the sizzling August
Solar hour after hour after hour after hour and the folks rose up and you realize
those pictures for the reason that media did move there and confirmed those totally militarized

Louis space police departments going through off in opposition to an enraged group announcing
we don’t seem to be animals we’re other folks too taking their stand black lives subject
that is recycling in The usa nowadays you’re taking the guns from Iraq and
Afghanistan and also you give them to the police departments of america
now even some police chiefs are announcing sufficient Juan Gonzalez and I received mazing
journalist who has been with democracy now all 21 years of democracy now we
just lately interviewed norm Stamper a former police leader of Seattle
Washington he presided over the Combat of Seattle again in 1999 you bear in mind
underneath President Clinton the Global Business Group met there and hundreds of
other folks got here from world wide I imply highschool youngsters from Seattle nurses
medical doctors environmentalists exertions leaders farmers from France all amassed within the
streets and stated no to this supranational group that
represents firms that may overturn the regulations of democratically
elected legislatures through announcing that's a barrier to business so for those who don't need
oh Jenny changed meals they may be able to say no that could be a barrier to business you might be WTO
unlawful and other folks stated no and that fight came about within the streets of
Seattle and norm Stamper used to be the police leader they sprayed such a lot fuel
at the protesters pepper spray mace fuel that they needed to move to different states to
fill up their provide Seattle had by no means noticed the rest like this sooner than and at
the tip of this principally police rebel norm Stamper used to be ousted as he must
were however he has long gone directly to turn into one of the crucial primary voices within the United
States for police reform he says it used to be the worst mistake of his existence he stated
after we're taking a look at other folks within the crosshairs we disregard there are neighbors
there are children there are medical doctors or nurses or librarians there are farmers
we disregard they’re the enemy and because of this we need to reevaluate the arming of
our police departments with weapons-grade you realize army guns
I imply whilst you assume they're looking to prevent violence take a look at the extent of
violence in america I imply President Trump used to be simply in Japan on his
Asia commute looking to push billions of bucks of weapon gross sales on Japan within the
midst of one of the crucial primary massacres of the final weeks we have now them nearly each
week in america 33,000 other folks die a yr in america of gun
violence in Japan it's underneath ten a yr in america
it's 33,000 other folks and only a facet factor on those horrific massacres each time
you pay attention about one assume home violence assume how vital it’s to
take the problem of home violence significantly as a result of extra ceaselessly than no longer in
the vast majority of those instances those males who’re possibly males who have interaction in
those acts of gun violence have harm or killed their companions
the ladies of their lives you realize whether or not we're speaking about me too in
the entire motion in opposition to sexual harassment and sexual attack that would
conceivably take down the President of america or whether or not we're
speaking about gun violence within the streets of america this final
Bloodbath no longer even the most recent the only in Sutherland Springs a couple of Sundays in the past
the place a 26 yr outdated former energetic accountability member of america Air Drive and unfortunately so
ceaselessly those massacres are dedicated through former US army devon patrick kelly
the white 26-year outdated former energetic accountability member of america air pressure who killed 26
other folks and injured 20 at this church in sutherland springs texas who had a gun
it seems that legally only some years sooner than had overwhelmed his spouse and fractured
the cranium of his 18-month infant stepson he used to be confined to base or prison
at the army base the place he served for a yr and that didn't move into the
Nationwide speedy prison background take a look at gadget that might permit him to get
a gun this attack home violence issues it issues in itself it's no longer
only a pink flag for long term violence and public-private violence must be taken
as significantly as public violence however however a small crucial digression from the
militarization of america and the way other we’re
than the remainder of the arena and the way vital it’s that folks particularly
in our nation in america perceive this however that's what the
other folks of Status Rock have been up in opposition to they're up in contrast militarized
police division they usually proceed to march they proceed to get arrested and
their numbers most effective grew in order that weekend Exertions Day weekend a yr in the past democracy
now went at the flooring began filming all this and those protests have been superb
after which on Saturday September third 2016 we have been protecting the ones Exertions Day weekend
so it used to be a longer weekend other folks didn't be expecting the bulldozers to be an
operation vacation weekend and a gaggle of Local American citizens have been going to plant
their local flags on a space they’d referred to as their sacred flooring they stated it
used to be their sacred burial web page and as they went to plant their flags they see the
bulldozers appropriate there working at complete tilt they have been surprised
so we're filming they move up at the belongings they usually stand in entrance of the
bulldozers and I imply that is any such remarkably courageous act have you learnt those
are mega machines you realize no longer as giant because the Esk excavator within the Hambach thoughts
tiny compared however hugely giant in comparison to a human being and to peer a
local girl older and a kid status in entrance of this bulldozer it made me
assume again 3 days sooner than america invasion of Iraq and some other a part of the
Heart East it used to be March 16 2003 in Gaza – a tender American girl named Rachel
Corrie who got here from evergreen faculty in Washington State and she or he used to be a part of
the World Team spirit motion and she or he had befriended a Palestinian
pharmacist and his circle of relatives and she or he some other
– this had placed on the ones building vest orange fluorescent jackets as a result of
Israeli army bulldozers have come to demolish his house they usually have been status
there to take a look at to forestall that from going down and she or he stood identical to those
local elders in entrance of an Israeli army bulldozer made through caterpillar
in america and she or he used to be beaten to dying and that's what I thought of
as we have been filming the Local American citizens status in entrance of those bulldozers
you simply can't overestimate how bad the churning of this earth is
however this time the bulldozers pulled again they pulled again from the folks and the
other folks saved on marching ahead and Moore got here from the resistance camps as
they heard what used to be occurring and it used to be simply an incredible sight 1 2 3 4 5 6
bulldozers pushing again I imply other folks have been so surprised that they have been
excavating this web page as a result of smartly a pass judgement on used to be about to rule at the Status
Rock Sioux the entire battle and he had stated just like the day sooner than a couple of days
sooner than adequate for those who say that is your sacred burial flooring end up it you draw a map
from me they usually complied they usually drew a map for the pass judgement on and the pass judgement on gave
it to the opposite facet as judges do to power switch companions power switch
companions which owns the Dakota get entry to pipeline power switch companions who
owned through Kelsey Warren Kelsey Warren who oh when rick perry ran for president
two times the previous governor of texas who's now the Secretary of Power who simply
made a large coal deal in Ukraine Rick Perry when he ran for governor two times
bankrolled his presidential run to the track of six million bucks he’s now
the Secretary of Power gave the map to power switch companions and the Local
American citizens concept so the corporate leapfrogged over from the place they have been to
this space to excavate to modify the details at the flooring so when the pass judgement on
dominated the following couple of days it could be a moot
level I imply the land can be already destroyed and it simply infuriated other folks
in order that they got here up they usually saved marching they usually driven the bulldozers again and
it used to be an incredible scene and it used to be then that the Dakota get entry to pipeline guards
unharness canine at the protestors at the water protectors canine and so democracy
now saved filming other folks have been being bitten the guards would throw the canine
into the gang you'd even see once in a while a canine recoil however they'd need to chunk
their method out of the gang they usually bit the horses they bit the folks and
other folks have been being maced through different guards however they saved shifting ahead I imply we
filmed a canine with its nostril and mouth dripping with blood and although they
have been overwhelmed bitten maced pepper sprayed the folks prevailed on that day and an
unacceptably excessive worth however in the end the bulldozers pulled again the guards pulled
again they were given of their vans and their automobiles they usually pulled away we posted we posted that video on-line that night time
when in 24-48 hours there have been 14 million perspectives now this provides the mislead
the company executives at the networks you realize have invited us on a few of
those networks to remark once in a while who say other folks's eyes glaze over whilst you
communicate local weather alternate you realize this displays the serious hobby and those struggles
round a sustainable planet round local weather alternate round one of the crucial
largest threats to all of our life other folks do care any company govt
would have drooled to have the ones roughly what do they name them eyeballs on their
product 14 million perspectives other folks have been so we had to return to New
York and we persisted to broadcast about what used to be going down there after which the
governor of North Dakota on the time governor Dalrymple on Thursday night time
referred to as out the Nationwide Guard the pass judgement on used to be gonna rule at the following Friday
the day after it didn’t glance excellent for the tribe oh after which quietly the
government in North Dakota issued an arrest warrant for me
however I didn't know that on the time so the next day to come Friday we broadcast our
display after which their major chef and I who co-hosts Democracy Now headed to Canada
we weren't fleeing we have been invited to the Toronto World Movie Competition
as a result of there used to be a brand new movie premiering concerning the lifetime of if' stone who's this
nice muckraking journalist who when educating younger other folks stated for those who're
gonna bear in mind two phrases bear in mind governments lie if you’ll be able to bear in mind
3 phrases bear in mind all governments lie in order that used to be telling the tale of his
nice muckraking existence after which it used to be speaking about journalistic organizations
that have been proceeding in in his custom so it used to be profiling democracy no and
they requested us to come back up and talk after the movie and I thought of it I
concept that is the time to talk we simply come from the Dakota get entry to
pipeline straw other folks truly care about Local
American citizens and Canada First International locations we had simply been an eyewitness to this this
can be a chance anyway that used to be Friday Friday night time the pass judgement on dominated a
routing of the tribe I imply utterly in opposition to the tribe worst choice for the
Status Rock Sioux now that week additionally Trump had mate
President Obama made this ancient commute to Asia and his final prevent used to be Laos and
he held a democracy discussion board for younger Asians from in all places Asia to show them
about democracy and the final query used to be from a tender Malaysian girl and she or he
raised her hand and she or he stated President Obama what concerning the Dakota get entry to
pipeline she requested him a query that no American newshounds had publicly
requested President Obama and he replied eloquently concerning the oppression of
Local American citizens for hundreds of years after which as he used to be wrapping up he stated oh as for
the Dakota get entry to pipeline I'd need to get again to my staff and get again to you
on that smartly he got here again to america and reportedly he noticed the video
of the canine it wasn't misplaced at the first african-american president of the United
States their importance I imply after we posted that video we additionally interviewed
Winona LaDuke nice indigenous activists from the White Earth reservation in
northern Minnesota who stated governor Dalrymple you don’t seem to be George Wallace is
no longer Alabama this isn’t 1965 we’re thru
so Obama knew what used to be going down at that time main as much as the pass judgement on's choice
it's his Justice Division that's prevailing they're about to pop their
champagne corks they have got 115 mins later an extraordinary 3 company
letter is launched from his personal Justice Division that had simply prevailed
inner division and the Military Corps of Engineers they usually stated wait dangle
the entirety so the tribe is affected by whiplash now worst
after which what do you imply wait they're announcing smartly we need to see whether or not
Local American citizens have been consulted whether or not there used to be a right kind environmental affect
commentary so this can be a nice choice smartly it seems like Obama's gonna sluggish
down this construction of the pipeline and possibly no longer grant the allow for digging
this underneath the Missouri River so this can be a very giant victory for the Status Rock
Sioux so we're in Canada appropriate and the next day to come have been invited the College of
Toronto so it's a crowd like this smartly nobody's such as you guys however you are aware of it's
like a I'm a pair hundred other folks and we're giving speeches and I'm within the
heart of my speech and I am getting a textual content and it says you're underneath arrest no no no
truly it stated like there's an arrest warrant
out for you and I had I believed did somebody simply ship me this from the
target audience is that this like some roughly rip-off or is it junk mail or is that this actual however I do
see it's a North Dakota quantity and also you are aware of it's no longer such as you'll be arrested
instantly if there's arrest warrant however I know that if there may be an arrest
warrant for you and you have got interplay with the police or the FBI or border
guards and that arrest warrant is within the gadget you’re going to be taken and the article
is I'm in Canada and I’ve to recover from the border so I feel if I will race that
arrest warrant from going into the gadget possibly I will make it house so I
simply you realize checked out at the crowd and stated may somebody name me a cab I I
didn't I didn't need to say what used to be going down name consideration to the
scenario however I did get to the airport and I made it again to New York and
safely however you are aware of it used to be true I realized there used to be an arrest warrant for
me however I didn't take it in my opinion I truly concept it used to be a message that used to be
being despatched to all newshounds don’t move to North Dakota which is precisely why we
all needed to be there now I additionally friend I additionally felt that I sought after to ship a
message to younger impartial journalists that they don't need to get a document
whilst you put issues at the document we needed to problem this as a result of I imply if
you're a tender reporter impartial how will you move someplace the place you
instantly finally end up in prison it's going to clearly discourage you for those who don't
have the institutional backing the sources and we needed to name the bluff
of the government and so we headed again to North Dakota a couple of weeks later we
landed on a Friday in Bismarck North Dakota and as we landed the prosecutors
introduced they’d be quashing the arrest warrant and shedding the fees
in opposition to me which used to be excellent oh however they’d be
bringing extra severe fees in opposition to me of rebel what like I'm a one-woman rebel
what are they speaking about so I name my North Dakota legal professional no longer
that I had one sooner than and I stated I don't perceive what does
this imply what why do I face he stated I imply at worst a yr in prison I stated a
yr in prison I don't learn about your existence sir however so I stated smartly what does
this imply and he stated smartly you'll be arraigned Monday at 1:30 I stated smartly at
least that provides us 3 days to hide the protests so we're in North Dakota
after which I stated no it's simply computerized he stated yeah the pass judgement on simply
rubber-stamps all you realize those fees and I stated oh a pass judgement on is concerned over
the weekend he stated no it's no longer a I stated pass judgement on method discretion appropriate and so he
says no no no on this case it's rubber-stamped a lot of these fees with
a lot of these other folks they're rubber-stamp however then the pass judgement on makes use of discretion and
trials or no matter else in plea bargaining or no matter so no no a pass judgement on
method this isn’t a achieved deal so we issued a press liberate so I stated what’s
the identify of the pass judgement on and we stated this pass judgement on can be deciding
about whether or not to log out on those fees that might result in my
arraignment after which we proceed to hide the protests there used to be a large number of
media consideration now on Monday morning you realize the display should move on and the way
a lot of you watch or pay attention to a learn Democracy Now unbelievable but it surely nonetheless
seems like a minimum of part the target audience doesn't so you’ll be able to get us to your public
radio station right here you’ll be able to get us on public tv we grew from 9 radio
stations the primary yr 21 years in the past to over 1400 public radio and tv
stations nowadays and on-line tens of millions of other folks get entry to this at Democracy Now so
take a look at all of it out an hour an afternoon grassroots world impartial
investigative uninterrupted a ly digest our headlines each day and media signals
and the entirety like that I feel we’re sending round day by day digests the place you
can enroll right here I don't know if you’ll be able to textual content the phrases the world over Democracy
Now one phrase two six six 8 six six however that'll routinely signal you up
I'm no longer positive if it really works you're in Germany however so we needed to do the display
it's 8:00 within the morning on a regular basis Japanese Time in New York which intended
7:00 within the morning North Dakota time so Dennis Moynihan who's doing this stay
move organized a satellite tv for pc truck would arise from Minneapolis after which we had
to find this truck do the display so we made up our minds to broadcast from around the
side road from the Mandan courthouse in prison the place I'd have to show myself in
appropriate after so we'd broadcast from this church belongings and in the back of us used to be the
courthouse the prison and the Ten Commandments in between and we started the
display and we interviewed Dave our chambo who’s the forty fifth chairman of the Status
Rock Sioux tribe like Trump is the forty fifth president
United States he's the forty fifth chairman of the Status Rock Sioux and I requested him
chairman Dave have you ever ever been arrested he stated I used to be a couple of months in the past
we have been doing civil disobedience and I stated and what took place he stated used to be a
low-level misdemeanor I stated so what took place he stated I used to be strip searched I
used to be installed an orange jumpsuit and I used to be jailed I imply this man is the forty fifth
chairman of the Status Rock Sioux and he used to be strip-searched and jailed for a
low-level misdemeanor I interviewed dr.

Sara jumpin Eagle she is the
pediatrician of the Status Rock reservation and I requested her if she used to be
arrested and she or he oh she used to be one of the crucial first as a result of you realize she cared about
the well being of the kids and I stated what took place she'd low-level
misdemeanors and so what took place and so she smartly I used to be strip-searched I used to be put
in an orange jumpsuit and I used to be jailed you realize appropriate there and the Mandan prison
in the back of to me I imply how a lot humiliation roughly other folks take I used to be on the
Bismarck Airport one time I used to be studying {a magazine} sooner than getting on their aircraft
and a man got here as much as me stated don't assume I don't know who you might be and I stated oh
who’re you and he stated I used to be one of the crucial guards on the on the Exertions Day standoff
when the canine have been launched and I stated and did you liberate the canine at the
Local American citizens he stated no we have been as surprised as they have been he stated power
switch Companions Dakota get entry to pipeline employed a number of safety corporations and he stated
you don't assume I am getting it that we've dedicated masses of massacres in opposition to
those other folks then we liberate canine on them you don't assume I am getting why they're
offended you realize by no means suppose in line with a
particular person's place what their place will likely be so again to the display
we completed the hour and we're on the brink of move throughout to the courthouse and
a whole lot of media are actually paying consideration there's a large number of force New York Instances
is protecting this Los Angeles Instances al Jazeera it's at the BBC homepage Style
mag used to be protecting us and I am getting a decision from North Dakota Public Radio
appropriate sooner than going to courtroom that and also you are aware of it's a small state they know all
the avid gamers this can be a longtime hosts he says you're no longer going to be arraigned
the pass judgement on has dot made up our minds to not log out on those fees and also you are aware of it
wasn't most effective me various Local American citizens who face criminal and
misdemeanor fees had the ones fees dropped that day that is what occurs
when the media highlight shines in the appropriate course
this that is what occurs in case you have the
excellent roughly truth tv that is the type of media that we need to
make stronger going to the place the silences and as you’ll be able to see it’s ceaselessly no longer very
quiet it simply doesn't hit that company media
radar display screen in order that used to be in October in December the Obama management dominated
that there can be some roughly rerouting or the Dakota get entry to pipeline
just like the Keystone XL would no longer be completed however then President Trump used to be
inaugurated and certainly one of his first acts used to be to greenlight the Dakota get entry to
pipeline and sure they are saying that the gota get entry to pipeline is wearing that frack
fuel nowadays however that hasn't ended the fight I imply the schooling that
other folks have skilled in our nation and world wide the indigenous
unity appropriate right here at copped the choice of Local American citizens who had come
to sign up for along side different indigenous other folks world wide to coach them
concerning the victories and the losses and now there's a fight across the
Keystone XL as smartly this can be a length when whether or not we're speaking concerning the
fight for a cleaner planet or a fight for a extra simply society when it
involves as an example in america the immigration bans other folks
hugely going out to airports and combating Donald Trump on his bands and
even the judges doing this only a fast remark as a result of I interviewed Brian
Schatz the senator from Hawaii and requested him what he considered this only some
days in the past on the cop you realize that Jeff Periods the Legal professional Common of the
United States used to be just lately on a right-wing radio communicate display and requested
about the truth that a federal pass judgement on from Hawaii had stopped the Muslim ban
certainly one of two judges the opposite in Washington State Jeff consultation stated how
is it imaginable {that a} guy on an island within the Pacific can prevent the President of
america he’s the Legal professional Common of america that is
what we are facing nowadays whether or not we're speaking about Muslim bans or immigration rights
I imply the rights of immigrants in Germany all the way through Europe any such
pivotal factor nowadays individuals are status up individuals are uniting round problems with
local weather problems with immigration problems with battle and peace huge and problems with
rising inequality LGBTQ rights I truly do assume that those that care about battle
and peace those that care about local weather alternate the destiny of the planet and racial
financial and social injustice don’t seem to be a perimeter minority no longer even a silent
majority however the silenced majority silenced through the company media which is
why we need to take the media again I simply need to finish after which I feel we're
gonna move to the again and we'll be signing books however you don't need to get
a e-book to come back up and say hello or when you have tale concepts for Democracy Now ship
them to tales at democracynow.org we at all times inspire this other folks to
interview problems to hide I simply need to finish with two tales one is when this
crucial second comes what you're doing and it is going long ago in time to 1955 to
Rosa Parks now that's a tale that many of us know and you could say why inform
it once more for the reason that media even will get this well-known tale fallacious concerning the civil
rights activist Rosa Parks December 1st 1955 sits down at the bus in Bernard Law Montgomery
Alabama refuses to stand up for a white passenger the bus motive force calls the
police they arrest her 4 days later December fifth
1955 she is going to courtroom the Bernard Law Montgomery Development Affiliation holds its
assembly to release a bus boycott that may result in the combination of the
transportation gadget of Alabama they make a selection as their chief a tender minister
who's simply moved into the town dr.

Martin Luther King jr. it used to be Rosa Parks who
helped to release dr. Martin Luther King now when she died a couple of years in the past first
african-american girl to put in state in america Capitol after which her frame used to be
dropped at a church in Washington sooner than this large funeral in Detroit I used to be
looking at CNN they usually stated Rosa Parks used to be a drained seamstress she used to be no
troublemaker that's the place they were given it fallacious Rosa Parks used to be a firstclass
troublemaker she knew she knew precisely what she used to be doing she used to be the secretary
of the native n-double-a-cp she labored underneath Edie Nixon he got here at an intensive
exertions politics he had arranged with with a philip randolph one of the crucial
largest organizers of the 20 th century who arranged the 1963 march on
washington the place King gave his I’ve a dream speech he arranged that with
Bayard Rustin who’s the black pacifist homosexual activist those are the tales we
must know however edie Nixon operating with a philip Randolph had arranged the
Brotherhood of snoozing automobile porters the hundreds of black conductors at the
trains who’re all referred to as George no longer as a result of their moms named them George
however for George Pullman who owned the Pullman trains and that's why they
had to be arranged Edie Nixon Rosa Parks were
difficult the racist regulations of the south for years she had skilled on the
Highlander Middle bringing white and black in combination King used to be on the
Highlander Middle she knew precisely what she used to be doing however the media den
greats activists what may also be extra noble than dedicating your existence to creating the
global a greater position you realize for those who lend a hand to construct that
basis you by no means know when that crucial second will come take a look at the
United States presently with the me2 motion this tough motion of ladies
who’re difficult abuse and difficult males in each sector of
society probably the most tough males from politicians to other folks within the
leisure trade to other folks in finance there is not any telling the place this
will move making an allowance for that a minimum of a dozen ladies have already accused Donald
Trump of sexually assaulting or harassing them there is not any telling the place
that is all going however you by no means know when that crucial second will come however
for those who're concerned with social alternate you’re going to lend a hand construct that basis that
will make historical past will decide the long run and that's what Rosa Parks did
and to turn how courageous Rosa used to be return a couple of months in 1955 to that summer time of
1955 the summer time of Emmett Until the summer time of a 14 yr outdated african-american
boy his mom Mamie until sought after him out of Chicago for the summer time despatched him to be
together with his aunt and uncle and cousins and cash Mississippi and one night time a white
mob comes rips him away from bed stated he wolf whistled at a white girl and it
used to be a stutterer and his mom Mamie taught him each time you are feeling a stutter
approaching whistle he ended up within the backside of the Tallahatchie River and
when his frame used to be dredged up and despatched again to Chicago
his mom Mamie did one thing extremely brave she stated she
sought after the casket opened for the wake and the funeral she sought after the arena to
see the ravages of racism the brutality of bigotry
hundreds of other folks move previous his casket and noticed his distended mutilated
head after which Jet mag and different black publications if truth be told took
photos and the ones photos have been printed they usually have been seared into the
historical past and awareness of our nation Mamie until had one thing essential
to show the click of nowadays display the photographs display the photographs
may you believe for only one week we noticed the photographs of battle for one week we
noticed a child useless at the flooring in Afghanistan and we realized her tale who
her folks have been and we noticed her {photograph} at the most sensible of the fold of the
surviving newspapers it for only one week each radio and tv newscast
on the most sensible of it they talked a few girl in Yemen who has blown up in a
drone strike possibly she used to be attending a marriage celebration who'd fallen in love what
bizarre the circle of relatives that have been struck on this assault if we knew their names if
for only one week everybody on their Fb web page everybody each tweet each
textual content each electronic mail talked a few soldier useless and demise for only one week you
know we’re all a compassionate other folks I do consider throughout america
and internationally other folks would say no battle isn’t the solution to battle within the
twenty first century and being right here in Berlin I sought after to finish in global battle two the place I
started however I sought after to finish with hans and sophie scholl that brother and sister he
used to be a scientific scholar on the College of Munich Sophie used to be an undergraduate
they and their professor carl huber and different scholars and employees made up our minds to
shape the white rose collective they made up our minds that I imply Hans and Sophie
weren't Jewish they have been German Christians however they concept what are we able to
do within the face of the Nazi atrocity they usually concept the most productive they may do used to be
to place out knowledge in order that the Germans would by no means have the ability to say we
No they usually put out this sequence of pamphlets and I'm one of the crucial pamphlets
have been written the phrases we will be able to no longer be silent and they have got those dispensed
in every single place anywhere they may underneath duvet of darkness Oh in alleyways and
marketplaces and faculty yards after which Hans and Sophie and their professor have been
captured they have been charged they have been attempted they have been convicted they usually have been
beheaded however that philosophy that motto must be the Hippocratic oath of the
media nowadays must be the Hippocratic oath people all nowadays we will be able to no longer be
silent democracy internet

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