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Trump-esque Candidate Supported by Democrats More Than Trump


A Daily Wire analysis shows that Democrats spent more on Republican primaries candidates for Donald Trump than Trump himself.

The findings, taken from Federal Election Commission (FEC) records, are a black mark for Democrats — who claim that Trump-esque candidates are threats to democracy, but helped them win primaries because they viewed them as easier to defeat in the general election compared to more moderate candidates.

They could also reflect poorly on Trump, who raised hundreds and millions of dollars but has given little to his fellow Republicans in the two weeks before the 2022 election. Trump backers claim money is only one part of the equation. Trump also said that he has supported candidates by hosting rallies designed to motivate GOP voters. He attends fundraisers for candidates as well, which is a big draw to attract donors.

Trump raised huge sums as he vowed to challenge the results of the 2020 election, and as of the end of September – the most recent FEC report — $92 million was sitting in a political action committee called Save America PAC.

In 2022…

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