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Dems say the biggest threat on Earth is the ‘big orange monster man’


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Happy Tuesday everyone. So we’re less than two weeks into the new year, and not much has changed from 2023. I’m still under 7% body fat. Kilmeade still writes at a fourth grade level. And the biggest threat on Earth? Big orange monster man. Take this recent piece from Axios, which points to the former president as “the risk that trumps all others.” “A second Trump term would be far more radical than the first, committed to stretching legal and governance boundaries and to pursuing retribution for the prosecutions he’s been fighting since losing office. Trump’s protectionist and isolationist tendencies would also terrify NATO while creating an opening for China. As a global threat, he is unrivaled.” So, how is that a problem? I for one, would like a second term that’s more radical than the first. Maybe we’ll get that wall we were promised huh? And I will get a cabinet position as secretary of abs. 

But what’s all this hysteria based on? You had four years at Trump already, Axios and none of your f***** word salad happened. But also, neither did war. Doesn’t that count for something? But if they admitted that they couldn’t create a…

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