Home Entertainment Dems Stuffed Billions In Reparations For Black Farmers In ‘Inflation Reduction Act’

Dems Stuffed Billions In Reparations For Black Farmers In ‘Inflation Reduction Act’


The Democrats’ massive climate spending and tax bill gave the Department of Agriculture (USDA) $2.2 billion in loans to pay farmers, many of whom are black, who have previously been denied USDA loans due to discrimination.

Democratic Sens. backed the provision. Cory Booker from New Jersey and Raphael Warnock, Georgia, are aiming to provide financial assistance for farmers, ranchers, or forest owners that the department determines have been discriminated in USDA farm lending programs prior to January 1. 2021, according to the bill’s text. According to The Wall Street Journal, although the funding could be used to any farmer discriminated against by the government, such as white women and members of the LGBTQ community or farmers who are not black, it is intended to correct the historical denial of loans to black farmers. (RELATED: Democrats’ Climate Bill Could Pay Farmers To Not Grow Food)

Another of the bill’s provisions will allocate $3.1 to help farmers of any race who are facing financial hardship and also have a direct or guaranteed loan with the USDA. In August, Democrats quietly abandoned their original plan to give $4 billion to black farmers in the…

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