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Desperation Displayed as the Attempt to Resurrect CNN Involves Possible Move to Max Streaming Platform – RedState


As the network continues in a state of upheaval, parent company Warners Bros. Discovery looks for CNN solutions.

The tremors and aftershocks are still being felt after the tectonic shifts experienced at CNN as a result of the Donald Trump Town hall and then the exit of still-fresh CEO Chris Licht. Currently, the network is recalibrating, with many in front of as well as behind the cameras excited to be freed up to return to their trademark style of reporting – which led to them having years of diminishing ratings.

As those at the network attempt to polish the wreckage, the brass at the top is concerned with harsher realities. This is a news outlet that has been averaging below 500K viewers and recently experienced a weekend with the worst-ever numbers seen in the advertiser’s 4 pm to midnight demo. Whatever excitement/relief the staff is enjoying, the migraines in the executive suites are throbbing.

As a means of exploring solutions, it has been revealed that CNN’s parent company Warners Bros. Discovery is looking to bring CNN content over to its streaming service Max. The thought process is that this will, of course, expand the general audience share but also possibly draw the younger viewers who have become digital nomads moving away from cable. 

This proposal is not in any way automatic nor easy…

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