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Washington Free Beacon – Dinner Party From Hell


Is there a force in America more powerful than white guilt today? That is the question that springs to mind reading Regina Jackson and Saira Rao’s new book, White Women: Everything you already know about your own racism and how to do better. Jackson and Rao, who get invited and paid to ruin perfectly lovely dinner parties by lecturing attendees about their “complicity in upholding white supremacy,” have found the white guilt—the soft spot in the skull of earnest liberals—and just keep poking their thumbs into it.

Race2Dinner is the brainchild of Jackson and Rao. For $5,000, the women will join your eight-person party and invite “Lisa Bond,” our resident white woman. They will make fun of your racism and charge you for it. They will share their own experiences with racism, which sometimes don’t sound like actual racism. But if you object or even if you agree, they will tell you that’s what white women do and you’re part of the problem. Both have many observations to make about “what white woman do”. For example, white women can be mean to one another. Black women are often accused by white women of being racist. White women also say they’re not racist. White women love dinner parties. And they like to say they’ve donated…

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