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Disgraced, Far-Left Rolling Stone Targets Oliver Anthony


Rolling Stone, the disgraced, far-left palace guard for the Establishment, has set its sights on Oliver Anthony and his protest song, the out-of-nowhere number-one hit “Rich Men North of Richmond.”

According to the latest reports, the Farmville, Virginia, folk singer has had nine of his songs land in the top 25 over at iTunes. Needless to say, Rolling Stone is not happy that a man who appeals to the disaffected, forgotten, and demeaned in this country might be on his way to stardom.

“Right-Wing Influencers Just Found Their Favorite New Country Song,” reads the Rolling Stone headline.

“In ‘Rich Men North of Richmond,’ a singing farmer in Virginia blasts high taxes and obese people on welfare, and even appears to allude to Jeffrey Epstein,” reads the sub-headline:

RIGHT-WING INFLUENCERS ARE losing their minds over a new country song that just appeared on streaming services today. “Rich Men North of Richmond” is a passionate screed against the state of the country sung by Oliver Anthony, who identifies as a farmer living off the grid with his three dogs in Farmville, Virginia. In a video Anthony posted to YouTube earlier this month,…

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