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Donald Trump to Come at Biden in Iowa as ‘Destroyer of American Democracy’


Former President Donald Trump will hammer President Joe Biden as a “destroyer of American Democracy” whose “Banana Republic ends on November 5th, 2024” during a speech in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on Saturday.

Prepared remarks circulated by the Trump campaign show the 45th president will  liken Biden to “a craven third-world communist tyrant.”

“Since Crooked Joe Biden got in, he has been weaponizing government against his political opponents like a craven third-world communist tyrant. But Crooked Joe Biden’s Banana Republic ENDS on November 5th, 2024,” Trump will say. 

“Biden and his Radical Left allies like to pose as defenders of Democracy’—but Joe Biden is not the DEFENDER of American Democracy, Joe Biden is the DESTROYER of American Democracy, and the WRECKER of the American Dream,” the 45th president is expected to add, according to the prepared remarks. 

Trump will argue that during Biden’s administration, he “and his band of Marxists, Communists, and Fascists” have tried to “crush free speech, censor their critics, criminalize dissent, destroy attorney-client privilege, and even attempt to imprison their leading electoral rival on bogus…

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