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Donald Trump Voter: It Was The Pandemic That Sealed It. I’m switching my vote to Biden.


hi my name is neil kochaiko i was a signed up republican politician because after i finished secondary school and after that i elected donald trump in 2016 as well as felt like he would be one of the most conventional prospect in my traditional principles i was incorrect my one of my top conventional concepts is balancing budgets not one budget has actually been stabilized he liked uh and after that also i mosted likely to an extremely diverse high college where i was blended in with all type of ethnical cultures his attitude to the minority population is awful his mindset to ladies is horrible and afterwards with the coronavirus pandemic that sealed it for me instead of imitating a genuine president and revealing governmental behavior he showed his true colors to me which'' s why i where that sense of guilt i was really feeling in electing him currently i had the ability to pinpoint where i was really feeling if that makes good sense what i'' m stating i just said i can'' t do this i he ' s not a pr presidential material and that'' s part of why one year ago i changed i was a registered republican as well as i changed to being a democrat and also fairly truthfully i'' m quite appalled with our elected republican officials i'' ll accept larry hogan i love larry hogan yet like you know ted cruz that i liked back in high institution marco rubio you recognize um when donald trump disparaged ted cruz'' s daddy he not did anything he uh as opposed to protecting his papa'' s reputation he just stood there and also took it and that'' s when i realized that until the republican event ends up being something you know commendable again i'' m gon na be a registered democrat

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