Home Politics Donna is disgusted by Donald Trump’s reaction to COVID-19.

Donna is disgusted by Donald Trump’s reaction to COVID-19.


I'' m Donna from Indiana. 130,856 people are dead. This is not a good thing. This was a very unfortunate situation.
My family and I are in pain. I would like you to visualize that you are.
You are also visiting your infant at the healthcare facility. Which kid is on the.
ventilator defending life. You can also look up at the display.
and you hear that guy who inhabits the White House, and you hear him say, “” I'' ve told my people.
You can reduce testing to keep your infant safe.
How would he look?

Simply imagine how you feel.
Is it possible to feel sorry? It gets worse when you look back later.
On, you hear the TV, and then somebody says, Oh, he was just kidding. That'' s exactly how we joke at a time similar to this. Joking. Does that sound like management? Afterwards, imagine one.
These people include your partner, moms/dads or grandparents.
An older person, using a ventilator. And you search for at

You can also hear it on TV. the news the male in the White House stating “Oh, individuals who are passing away, they ' re. old people,'they were prepared to pass away.” Just how ' d you really feel concerning that? Are you prepared to die? Nobody ' s life is very important. That is what he should be thinking. What would it feel like?
Nurse friend of mine. Long Island, New York City. She has seen and experienced what she is actually capable of seeing. via is not something that any human should see. She ' s going
To cope with it. she will live with it for the rest of her life. Do they give her a thank you?
The man in the White Home? No. She obtains thanks at seven o ' clock in. the evening by everyone else in the community, however not'by the one who. Surely, we should be thanking her for all she has done. A family participant is also a blessing.
She ' s a registered nurse, kids. She moved into an apartment after moving in for 30.'days, so she would certainly not risk her family.Missing her little lady ' s. birthday celebration celebration, missing that. These are her words.

. Farewell, it was almost like watching a soldier go to war. Not only does she get a thank-you from the man, but also. in the white home and red hat. Oh no, no, no. Just from individuals around her at 7. o ' clock in the night that praise. Since she ' s a hero
.'What leader does this? Begin individuals, wake-up!

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