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Don’t hate biz and landlords


How nice to see that at least one Democrat — former Gov. David Paterson — gets it, when it comes to New York’s shabby treatment of developers and businesses.

Paterson last week called their industries the “backbone of the city’s revenues” and an “essential element to the city’s standing, particularly the taxes that they pay.”

He warned that “you’ll really find out how bad it can be if they do move away.”

Indeed. Progressives in Albany and at City Hall treat these groups like moneymen to be squeezed — and, notes Paterson, these vital players in the local economy have “picked up on that.”

He’s right about how they’re treated: For starters, property owners are being choked by ballooning taxes and a deluge of laws that make it impossible to turn a profit.

Property taxes, combined with water and sewer rates, now constitute 30% to 40% of a building’s costs.

Utility bills are sky-high and rising.

Local Law 97 requires apartment buildings to reduce carbon emissions by undertaking pricy overhauls in heating systems.

Paterson called landlords and business owners the "backbone of the city's revenues."
Paterson called landlords and business owners the “backbone of the city’s revenues.”
Christopher Sadowski

Progressives have also been on a never-ending quest for new ways to make it harder to own and run…

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