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It’s somewhere along the Black Sea coast (I think it’s Odesa).

There’s no way to consider Russia anything but a terrorist nation. Russia’s indiscriminate targeting civilians is textbook terroristism. This is more than the unprovoked aggression against Ukraine. Russia doesn’t even hide it—Russia is demanding negotiations to freeze the conflict in exchange for stopping its terror campaign against civilian targets. 

The European Union finally has an answer.

For diplomatic and legal reasons, the United States has refused follow suit. A terror designation, under U.S. law, would mean anyone doing business with Russia would be subject to U.S. sanctions. That would include … Europe. Although trade has been greatly restricted between Russia, Western countries and other nations, certain goods remain exempted under the current sanction regime. An American terror designation wouldn’t account for those exceptions, hence Joe Biden’s caution. Europe isn’t operating under such stringent legal requirements. 

Russia is furious. It is furious. So, in a very Russian fashion, it decided to respond with more terror, launching 70 cruise missiles and an untold number of suicide drones against Ukraine’s electrical and thermal grid, plunging Ukraine into…

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