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Emma Lucy Knowles’ Spiritual Guide to 2024 – WWD


LONDON — A ritual can be anything, a little habit or a pattern — like reading in the morning or a midday stretch — that can create balance or a feeling of safety within a person’s day.

However, often at times, those rituals are not necessarily working, but add more pressure.

“I just wanted to create something where people could dive in and follow the whole thing through or just give them a bit more pleasure in getting enjoyment from the day or self care. Instead of it being so ritualistically intense, making it much more ritualistically fun,” says Emma Lucy Knowles, an author and practicing healer, clairvoyant and crystal whisperer.

Her new book, “Your Ritual Year: 52 Weeks of Magical Living,” out Dec. 28, sets out to take some of that pressure off with guidance on ritualistic practices.

The book contains 52 rituals, each one advised to be followed for each week of the year. Despite that, Knowles describes the book as a “spiritual cookbook” where one can tune into their self and, based on that, flip through the pages to find the ritual for the week that resonates the most with them. 

Your Ritual Year: 52 Weeks of Magical Living

“Your Ritual Year: 52 Weeks of Magical Living” by Emma Lucy Knowles.

“Your year can start anytime, you can decide anytime….

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