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EPA Exposed Mice To Gun Smoke Then Dissected Them To Study ‘Adverse Health Effects’ Of Firearm Use


Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) researchers exposed mice to gun smoke to see if using firearms could cause “acute lung injury” or “other longer-term disease,” in a study funded by multiple federal agencies.

EPA researchers, to justify their study, pointed out that firearm use in the United States is common and that the effects of inhaling smoke from firearms are not well understood. Researchers found handgun smoke did not induce lung toxicity in mice whereas rifle smoke did.

EPA researchers collected smoke from a 9mm handgun and a rifle chambered in 5.56×45 NATO at an Army research lab, trapped pollutants from the gun smoke in a filter and then administered those pollutants to mice after researchers anesthetized them.(RELATED: EPA Reauthorizes Using ‘Cyanide Bombs’ On Coyotes And Wild Dogs, Activists Complain)

After exposing the mice to smoke pollutants, they tracked their breathing for an hour and then euthanized them. Once researchers euthanized the mice, they collected blood from their hearts and fluid from their lungs to be analyzed.

The Department of Defense, the EPA and the National Institutes of Health funded the experiment. Six of the nine researchers on the…

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