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Chuck Todd Seems To Have Eyes On Hakeem Jeffries As Speaker


NBC’s Chuck Todd asked Rep. Hakeem Jeffries if he will be able to restore strength to the House if he becomes Speaker.


Transcript via Meet The Press


You know, one of the things that I’ve noticed in Washington, no matter — when an institution gets weakened, even when the party changes hands, it’s sometimes hard to restrengthen that institution. Are you concerned that, should you have the good fortune of, of having the ability to be speaker, that it’s actually going to be hard to restore some of these powers?


No. Our concern right now is on getting things done for everyday Americans and tackling the business that is in front of us — making sure that we have a farm bill that makes sense for the American people, making sure that we actually can fund a government that invests in economic opportunity, invests in the health and the public safety of the American people, making sure that we don’t default on our debt for the first time in American history, making sure that we reauthorize important agencies like the FAA so we can strengthen air travel in these country — in this country. This is the agenda that we’re going to focus on as Democrats: lower costs, better-paying jobs, American jobs…

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