Home World Eventbrite rescinds its listing for the ‘What Is A Woman Screening’ screening

Eventbrite rescinds its listing for the ‘What Is A Woman Screening’ screening


Eventbrite once again showed its support for the LGBT agenda, removing a listing that listed a screening of Matt Walsh’s conservative commentary “What Is a Woman?” This documentary exposes the absurdity in radical leftist gender ideologies.

Rachel Bovard, Conservative Partnership Institute policy director tweeted Eventbrite posted a screenshot from its email explaining the move.

“We are reaching you about your event listing. CPI ‘What Is A Woman? Eventbrite mentioned in an email that Movie Screening was being held. “We don’t allow events, content or creators to promote or encourage hate violence or harassment towards other people and/or themselves. We have found that your event violates our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service. It is therefore prohibited on the Eventbrite platform. Your event listing has been deleted.

Eventbrite allows you to continue using Eventbrite for events. However, Eventbrite can remove any future event that is in violation of our policies. The company advised that repeated or severe violations of our policies could lead to your account being terminated.

More information can be found here

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