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Exclusive Interview With Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI Friend. One of the Last Times He Met With Him


VATICAN CITY — Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI was laid to rest Thursday after tens of thousands Pope Francis officiated his funeral.

Just before his death in December, German archeologist, historian, and prolific writer Michael Hesemann met the Pope Emeritus to make what would be his last annual trip with his friend.

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Wire, Hesemann recounted — through email — intimate moments of friendship and brotherhood he shared with the Ratzinger brothers, and how the loss of both men in a span of a few years has impacted his life.

DW: Michael. How (and when) did your acquaintance with the Ratzinger brothers come about?

Hesemann: My uncle, who was one of the leading ophthalmologists in our country, Prof. Siegfried Niedermeier, knew and treated Cardinal Ratzinger since the mid-1990’s. My aunt has dozens of letters written by him during their time in Tyrolia.

In 1998, I met Cardinal Ratzinger for the first time and presented him with my book “The Title of The Cross”, on the venerated relic in Rome’s Basilica di Santa Croce, which he seemed to like….

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