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The Vanier Centre for Women in Milton (Ontario) conducts a body scan to check for contraband after visitors have entered. This scanner detects inserted or swallowed items. That’s right: it shoots clear through the body and peeks right inside your vagina.

During my training, the instructor advised us to “go dark.” That means leaving all personal belongings in the car (no purse, no phone) when we entered the prison. Once we had cleared customs, our keys and coats were put in a locker. The locker key was to remain well-hidden. You can use keys as weapons.

I arrived in order to present my first anger-management lecture to women. Penny McLean is the coordinator of Vanier’s volunteer services. She would be assembling around 100 inmates for this event.

Although I was nervous initially, the experience turned into something wonderful. After I’d thanked the audience for allowing me into their home, the group of orange-suited women stood, smiled, and applauded. These women were desperate for hope. During the discussion period, one woman asked, “Why didn’t anyone tell me this stuff when I was growin’ up? I sure coulda used someone like you to tell me I had them choices.”

One of the audience members was Destiny, affectionately known as “Trucker”—apparently a reference to her…

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