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Part 1 of the Field Guide to Drones in Ukraine


Field Guide Part 1 Cover

A ScanEagle reconnaissance drone in flight.

You’re getting something a little different this morning. We’ll catch up with events on the ground through updates, and if there is a big change along one of the fronts today, there will be a second Ukraine update, so that this one doesn’t smack up against the limit on how long a single story can be (yes, there is one). 

But for now, we’re going to get the first draft, of the first part, of the first edition of something I’ve been promising for more than a week now—the guide to drones currently being utilized in Ukraine.


The vast majority of weapons systems in Ukraine can be grouped into the same categories that have been around for many years. Although a T-90 may not fit perfectly in any World War II definitions of light, medium or heavy, it would be easy to put down as a Tank. Other systems, like handheld anti-tank and anti-aircraft weaponry, have evolved so much over recent years that, while they are still recognizably the outgrowth of mid-20th century ancestors, they’ve taken on whole new tactical roles.

However, if there’s any type of military system that is really coming into its own as the invasion of Ukraine progresses, it’s drones. What’s happening with drones in Ukraine shows just how…

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