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Finally! The media covers Trump’s radical threat


Major newspapers may be leading media shift on Trump coverage

For far too long, we’ve bemoaned the national media for covering Donald Trump as if he were a conventional candidate and not who he actually is: a fascist threat to our nation’s democracy. Much of the media’s trepidation stems from its fear of invoking right-wing fury at coverage deemed “unfair.” This wariness leads to the frequent “both sides do it”-style coverage that is now a cliche.

But finally, two of the most influential national media outlets—The New York Times and The Washington Post—appear to be pivoting. If they can maintain this level of Trump scrutiny, it could spread through the broader media ecosystem, giving us hope that these outlets won’t abet Trump’s rise—again. At the very least, they can give their audiences a clear look at the nihilistic, bleak, dystopian future that Trump proudly promises his acolytes.

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