Home World Florida Residents Prepare for Hurricane Ian. Chicago SWAT Shooting

Florida Residents Prepare for Hurricane Ian. Chicago SWAT Shooting


Florida residents are taking precautions. As Hurricane Ian approaches, forecasters predict that it could become a Category Four Hurricane.

A SWAT training exercise in Chicago turns into a live-fire scenario as an uninvited suspect enters by fire escape.

Russian President Vladimir Putin grants citizenship to Edward Snowden — A man U.S. authorities would like to put on trial for espionage.

This episode covers the following topics:

1. Floridians Prepare for Hurricane Ian
2. Police arrest man who infiltrated SWAT Training
3. Japan Holds Shinzo Abe’s Funeral
4. Putin grants Edward Snowden citizenship
5. Long Lines at Russia/Georgia Border
6. Biden Seeks to Crack Down on Hidden ‘Junk Fees’
7. Fedex Pilots Picket Wall Street
8. NYC Illegal Immigration Tent City
9. Biogen Inc Settles $900M Lawsuit
10. Cartels driving addiction for profit
11. NASA Crashes ‘Dart’ Spacecraft
12. Technology-Based Marine System to Protect Whales
13. Grey Seal ‘Surrenders’ to Police

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