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Florida teacher accused of making sex videos with student


The latest teacher sex scandal involves a former Florida instructor who is accused of having an ongoing sexual relationship with an ex-student. Federal charges were brought against the charter school teacher after the FBI reportedly discovered approximately 28 sex videos on the boy’s cell phone.

On Sept. 22, 2023, a parent of the alleged victim alerted the Orange County Sheriff’s Office that the boy had videos on his cell phone of him and his former teacher having sex, according to court documents. Law enforcement confirmed that the videos on the phone found the victim “was engaged in a sexual relationship with his former teacher,” according to the criminal complaint.

WESH reported, “Court records go on to say not only was she the boy’s ‘teacher in 8th grade in 2019,’ she was supposed to be ‘his religious ambassador.'”

The Florida woman accused of having sex with her student has been identified as Marie Jo Gordo. The alleged suspect was a teacher at an unspecified charter school in the Orange County Public School system.

Officers interviewed the boy on Oct.12, 2023. The minor admitted to having a sexual relationship with his former teacher between June 2023 and September 2023, according to WOFL.

The FBI said they had recovered “approximately 28 videos” on the student’s phone that showed the pair “engaged in…

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