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Flower Power: AZ Dem Wants ‘Convert’ Military Resources for Climate Change Fighting


Kirsten Engel’s views could hinder her chances of transforming a promilitary district

Kirsten Engel (Campaign Website)

Chuck Ross • October 12, 2022 3:10 pm

As an environmental law professor, Arizona House candidate Kirsten Engel (D.) touted a manifesto that calls for demilitarizing America’s “national security systems” and using the resources to fight climate change.

It’s a stance that would likely not go over well in the Democrat’s military-friendly district.

Engel and two of his co-authors in 2019 praised the Earth Charter, a global declaration that envisions a just, sustainable and peaceful world. The document, which Engel’s father helped draft in 2000, calls to “demilitarize national security systems” and “convert military resources to peaceful purposes, including ecological restoration.” Engel’s book features an essay from her father, Ron Engel, in which he urges a “substantial redistribution of wealth” across the nations of the world to implement the Charter’s utopian vision. To forge world peace, the elder Engel called to “challenge the ambitions for ‘full spectrum dominance’ of the United States,” a reference to the United States military’s doctrine of superiority.

Engel and her co-authors said her father’s work…

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