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Former vets claim beloved whale Lolita died from neglect


Former veterinarians and trainers of Lolita, the beloved killer whale that died on Aug. 18, are saying she was inadequately cared for and fed, which led to her death.

“We’ve been saying for a long time they’re going to kill her at Seaquarium,” Dr. Jenna Wallace, a former vet at the Miami Seaquarium, where the sea creature was a main attraction for 53 years, told the Miami Herald.

“We’ve been fighting so hard to get her the best treatment and get her out of there, but nobody listened,” Wallace said. “It shouldn’t have ended like this. She deserved better.”

Wallace believes Lolita, who was also referred to by its indigenous name Tokitae, or Toki for short, was suffering from dehydration due to a reduction of her diet two years before her death.

The Miami Seaquarium, which is located in Biscayne Bay, disputed the claims.

lolita whale
There is speculation that inadequate care led to beloved killer whale Lolita’s death.

“Toki’s diet had been rich in nutrients and appropriate for her appetite and the amount of exercise she was engaged in since she retired from daily educational programs,” its owners said in a statement to the Miami Herald.

“This is reported by independent health and welfare assessments by the world’s foremost experts in marine mammal care, highly esteemed…

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