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Fox News Acknowledges Durham’s Investigation After the Acquittal of a Key FBI Defendant


Today, a jury acquitted the FBI’s Russian analyst Igor Danchenko on four counts of making false statements to federal agents. He was involved in the Steele Dossier investigation. As a result, Fox’s Neil Cavuto spoke some hard truths to the hardened Fox viewers. The Durham investigation, which lasted much longer than the Mueller investigation has not produced any coordinated plot or plan. Instead, the investigation focused on a large investigation that saw a number of mistakes. These mistakes led to criminal charges being brought against the Special Prosecutor. You can prosecute someone and didn’t have anything else. But it just didn’t work well for Durham.

Talking to a Fox reporter from Cavuto:

You just have to wonder whether this could be Durham’s swan song. This was something — you know, there was great expectation here. And it’s just fizzled.

Hang on. There were no “great expectations” on the Left. Independents and Democrats never believed there was an organized plot against Trump. We have faith that the FBI does its job as best it can, and more often than we think, it is. It is understood that the MAGAs had “great expectations” because, in their eyes, the Deep State spends every hour of every day conspiring how to “get Trump.”


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