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Here are four reasons to use the 1.5 Method

This rep method is a unique one that can help you improve your technique, prevent injuries, and build lagging muscle. It’s worth a look!

Smart Way to Use Partial Reps

The 1.5 method is very simple. Perform full reps and then do partial reps. Although 1.5 means “one-and-a-half,” quarter reps can also be used. Let’s break down the benefits and look at some different ways to use this proven training method:

1. This technique adds time to tension (TUT), which can be used to increase the amount of exercise you are currently doing.

The strongest part or quarter of an exercise should be chosen. Next, do an additional half or quarter rep. It doesn’t matter how big the partial reps are – no one will be measuring with a goniometer.

Avoid focusing on your sticking point. This can vary from exercise to exercise. In a deadlift example, if your knees are aching, you can do more reps if you stay above them.

2. 1.5 times more TUT for exercises that focus on a specific muscle.

Decide which muscle you want to target, and then decide how much of the exercise will load it.

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