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George W. Bush pleads with GOP’s pro-life death cult to rescue program that’s saved 25 million lives


Remember celebrated cat painter George W. Bush? He was also U.S. president for a time. And a war criminal for even longer now. (Allegedly!) But before he turned invading countries for no reason into a worldwide craze, he had at least one good idea, which was planted in the squishy loam of his skull by much smarter people. 

No, it wasn’t his decision to spend $3 trillion on a ruinous war with Iraq when he could have just given it directly to Halliburton for the development of a choke-free pretzel. Granted, that would have seemed absurd at the time, but in the end, everyone would have clearly been much happier. It was his decision to launch the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), an African AIDS prevention initiative that’s estimated to have saved more than 25 million lives in the two decades since its implementation.

It may be the only good and decent thing Dubya ever did, but its funding is currently being threatened because, somehow, Republicans are now even more awful than they used to be. And now, Bush is speaking out in an effort to rescue his program.

In a Wednesday opinion piece for The Washington Post, Bush pleaded with his own party—which, unfortunately for him and his legacy, Donald Trump has long since swallowed whole like a…

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