Home News Grant Stinchfield speaks with Jim Hoft, TGP founder (VIDEO).

Grant Stinchfield speaks with Jim Hoft, TGP founder (VIDEO).


The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft joined Grant Stinchfield this week to discuss the lawsuits, libel and liberty.

This was a wonderful conversation.  Grant recently started a new show on Real America’s Voice at 7 PM Eastern.

Jim Hoft spoke about a few of The Gateway Pundit’s current lawsuits.  The Gateway Pundit has been under constant legal assault by the radical “lawfare” left since 2017.   We discuss a recent court victory.

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The Gateway Pundit Pushes the envelope of journalism in the best way possible. The left is now pursuing the conservative website. Founder Jim Hoft opens up about the frivolous lawsuits he faces and the legitimate lawsuits he’s filing to take the fight back to the left.

From the beginning Jim Hoft knew it would be a battle, but it’s a battle he’s winning. The Gateway Pundit has 2.5 million visitors per day and is a top conservative site in the country. Jim Hoft tells the story from start to finish. From a single blog to an outlet that sets America’s political agenda, The Gateway… The Gateway is your place to read news and information.

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