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Green Goblin gang a look into Kathy Hochul’s New York


Now they’re just mocking us.

Muggers go to work in gangs, wearing neon-green full-bodysuits — and when one is caught and charged, it’s straight back to the streets because that’s the new normal in New York.

Thank you Gov. Kathy Hochul. You didn’t sign off on those criminal-justice “reforms” three years ago, to be sure, but folks are wondering just how bizarre things have to get before you decide to roll them back.

That is, New Yorkers now get that the joke is on them — and they’re not amused.

Mariam Issouf (26 years old) is an alleged member the Green Goblin crew, which robbed and assaulted two teenagers on the subway in Oct. 2. She was charged with a violent felony and no bail. Tuesday saw her leave court, wearing a black leather jacket over her head.

She hadn’t done anything wrong, said the lawyer, with a straight face. This is what lawyers do.

Even when their clients have been caught on cellphone video, with a half-dozen or so others, dressed in full neon-green bodysuits — space-alien masks completed the ensemble — getting all rambunctious on a Times Square subway train at 2 a.m.

group of females wearing neon green leotards beating up two teens in the subway.
Recent viral footage showed a group females in neon green leotards, beating each other.

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