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Hammill explains why Rowling is so much fun to tweet


Mark Hamill, the “Star Wars” star, is trying to explain himself after he liked a recent post from J.K. Rowling.

Rowling has recently replied to a Tweet in which India Willoughby was a biological man whose tweets Rowling profile Includes the absurd descriptions of “trans newsreader/Loose woman” and “Female,” asserted, “I’m more of a woman than JK Rowling will ever be.”

Rowling, “Citation required.” wrote This is Willoughby’s response.

Hamill, a prominent leftist who played the iconic role of Luke Skywalker, in multiple Star Wars films, evidently liked Rowling’s tweet at one point.

“What I liked about this exchange was that it featured someone who spoke truth to power. Hamill: Twitter is not the place for nuance. tweeted. “It is crucial that I make it clear: I support human Rights for ALL, regardless of gender identity, PERIOD.”

Rowling is a target of radical leftist gender…

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