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Harvard Ranked Worst in Free Speech on Campus


Harvard Ranked Worst in Free Speech on Campus
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Harvard University

The most recent report from the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE) excoriates Harvard for its intolerance of speech that contradicts the school’s political ideology. From its report released on Wednesday (all emphasis in original):

In 2020, Harvard ranked 46 out of 55 schools.

In 2021, it ranked 130 out of 154 schools.

Last year, it ranked 170 out of 203 schools.

And this year, Harvard completed its downward spiral in dramatic fashion, coming in dead last with the worst score ever: 0.00 out of a possible 100.00.

This earns it the notorious distinction of being the only school ranked this year with an “Abysmal” speech climate.

And even its score of 0.00 is “generous”:

What’s more, granting Harvard a score of 0.00 is generous.

Its actual score is -10.69, more than six standard deviations below the average and more than two standard deviations below the second-to-last school in the rankings, its Ivy League counterpart, the University of Pennsylvania.

While the school professes to support “truth” — its motto is “Veritas” — its performance in seeking after truth through freedom of speech is “dismal”:

First of all, Harvard, which on paper commits to…

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