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Harvard Students Captured on Film Accosting Israeli Classmate Remain in Good Standing With School, Lawsuit Alleges


‘Based on its track record, it is inconceivable that Harvard would allow any group other than Jews to be targeted’


The Harvard University graduate students who were caught on film accosting and shoving a Jewish classmate during an anti-Israel “die-in” protest remain in good standing with the school, with one of the assailants avoiding discipline altogether, according to a lawsuit.

The complaint, which was filed Wednesday afternoon, accuses the Ivy League institution of failing to combat “outrageous antisemitic conduct” and ignoring “Jewish students’ pleas for protection.” Cited as an example is the Oct. 18 “die-in” protest held outside Harvard Business School, during which law student Ibrahim Bharmal and divinity school graduate student Elom Tettey-Tamaklo were filmed laying hands on an Israeli business school student. While a video of the incident—which the Washington Free Beacon first reported—went viral, Bharmal and Tettey-Tamaklo have largely avoided punishment, according to the suit.

Harvard “has not imposed any discipline on Bharmal,” who attended another unsanctioned anti-Semitic protest less than two weeks after the “die-in,” according to the suit. While Harvard did remove Tettey-Tamaklo from his role as a freshman…

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