Home Entertainment HHS Probed EcoHealth Over Alleged ‘Major Fraud’ Against US, Emails Show

HHS Probed EcoHealth Over Alleged ‘Major Fraud’ Against US, Emails Show


The Department of Health and Human Services’ watchdog had briefly probed EcoHealth Alliance, a New York non-profit that has collaborated with the Wuhan Institute of Virology, over alleged “major fraud against the United States,” newly released emails show.

The four-month-long probe, which opened in September 2020, centered around an allegation that “the COVID 19 virus was generated in the China [sic] With the help of an NIH [National Institutes of Health] Grant.”

The Office of Investigations of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) revealed the investigation in an email with the subject line “Grant Information Review [Redacted]” and dated Dec. 3, 2020, according to redacted copies of the documents obtained by the U.S. Right to Know is a group that advocates for public health.

The office was prompted by a tip from an external source to open the investigation, a special agent stated in an attached memorandum sent to Ashley Sanders, an investigator at the NIH. A January 2021 correspondence confirmed that EcoHealth Alliance had been one of the targets. It has worked for many years with Wuhan’s top lab to conduct bat coronavirus research. The…

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