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Highland Park shooter Robert Crimo’s bizarre obsession with 4 and 7


The accused Highland Park gunman was bizarrely obsessed with the numbers 4 and 7, which, when transposed, are the date of his massacre, police said Wednesday.

Robert E. “Bobby” Crimo III, 21, had the numbers painted on his silver Acura and even tattooed on his face, showing he clearly “had an affinity” for the figures, Lake County County Major Crime Task Force spokesman Christopher Covelli told reporters.

The suspect — whose alleged rampage at a Fourth of July parade in the Chicago suburb Monday left seven innocent people dead and dozens more injured — also reportedly used the name “Awake47” for an online forum where he and others regularly posted images of the aftermath of violence.

Crimo’s obsession “apparently comes from music that he’s interested in,” Covelli said.

Crimo, who describes himself as a “hip hop phenom” on his IMDb page, went by the stage name “Awake the Rapper.”

Robert Crimo owns a silver Acura that has the number 47 painted onto doors of his silver Acura, his uncle told the Chicago Sun-Times.
Robert Crimo owns a silver Acura that has the number 47 painted on its doors, his uncle told the Chicago Sun-Times.

Officials didn’t elaborate on the numbers’ significance, but there is a well-known time signature “7/4″ used in songs such as Pink Floyd’s “Money” and Alice in Chains’ “Them Bones,” according to the website stereogum.

Authorities revealed Crimo’s obsession with the numbers while announcing he had “seriously contemplated” shooting up another July Fourth celebration in Madison, Wis., but he felt he hadn’t done enough planning for that attack, so he drove back to Illinois, where he was arrested.

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Crimo allegedly confessed to the Highland Park shooting when he was taken into custody just five miles from the scene. He used a Smith & Wesson M&P 15 semi-automatic rifle to unleash more than 80 rounds on parade-goers, killing seven and injuring more than 40 others.

Crimo was arrested Monday while behind the wheel of his mom’s Honda Fit. His uncle, Paul Crimo, told the Chicago Sun-Times that his nephew owns a silver Acura that had the number “47” painted in large black-and-gold letters on both the driver and passenger sides. The vehicle was parked in the Crimos’ front yard Tuesday, the newspaper reported.

Paul Crimo said he wasn’t sure what the numbers represented.

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