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History Proves Only Force, Not Debate, Can Stop Communism


History Proves Only Force, Not Debate, Can Stop Communism
Luis Miguel

Large swaths of America have already fallen irreversibly to the red tide of communism. And the rest is right on the edge of the precipice. If history has taught us anything, it’s that once communism takes hold of a nation, it’s not speeches, but the Second Amendment, that will deliver it from tyranny.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t combat Marxism in the realm of ideas. But you can’t defeat an enemy if you don’t know who he is, nor can you win a battle unless you understand the nature of it. And for far too long, conservatives have believed that this fight is a purely intellectual one.

Persuasion is part of the struggle. Throughout the country there are millions of people of all ages and backgrounds who have been duped into believing in the utopian promises communism offers.

There are the young people who think collectivist policies will free them from joblessness and financial insecurity, or who see LGBT cultural Marxism as a way of finding identity in a society that is empty because it has taken God out of the equation.

There are the minorities and immigrant communities who have accepted big government as the only means to economic prosperity, or who have been brainwashed into viewing themselves as victims of white supremacy whom only Democrats in government can rescue.

But although there are these and many others who have merely been led astray, there are those who know full well what communism really is and take advantage of the masses to seek power for themselves. There are sheep, but there are also the wolves who prey upon them.

So long as the wolves are allowed to roam free, the nation will never be safe. Because again, they are not duped. They understand that communism isn’t really about “free stuff.” They know it won’t create a paradise on Earth. They know communism will only create a tyrannical, poverty-stricken hellhole where a select few are at the top living well off of everyone else. These wolves aim to be the ones at the top.

The only solution is to take these societal saboteurs out of the equation altogether, putting them behind bars where they cannot carry on their work of destruction.

In the United States, we have a long laundry list of individuals who have long and publicly been involved in destroying the country from within. George Soros is one of the most well-known names on that list. There’s Bill Gates. Tom Steyer. There are organizations such as the multinational investment management corporation BlackRock, the single largest asset manager in the world, which uses this power to invest in the Left.

The question is: If we know the names of these treasonous, seditionist individuals and organizations, why are they still walking free and operating without so much as an investigation into their work?

Of course, it would certainly be helpful to have more laws on the books cracking down on the nefarious activities of globo-communists. America could, for instance, learn from Hungary, where the parliament passed a suite of “Stop Soros” laws to limit the ability of NGOs to assist in asylum claims for migrants.

But many of the things the globo-communist ringleaders do are already against the law, yet no serious action is being taken against them for it.

Unearthed documents, for instance, reveal that Soros funded Black Lives Matter, which, since the death of George Floyd in 2020, has been responsible for everything from riots to assault to attacks on federal buildings to financial fraud to murder.

If the connection between BLM and Soros is common knowledge, why hasn’t the Hungarian-born financier yet been indicted for funding all the illegality?

In Chile, it was only through an aggressive military campaign that President Augusto Pinochet was able to keep the country from falling to the communists. These actions allowed Chile to become one of the most prosperous nations in Latin America.

Likewise, Chinese nationalist leader Chiang Kai-shek understood that the Republic of China would not survive unless the nation was purged of the communists. Unfortunately, the communists won that conflict due to the West’s betrayal of the nationalists.

If we want to win the fight against tyrannical Marxism, we must be prepared to make hard decisions and treat this like the war that it is.

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