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Horowitz: South Carolina RINO loyalty oath. The next big conservative fight


Like so many red states that vote reliably Republican, for years South Carolina’s elected Republicans failed to reciprocate that loyalty to Republican voters. After all, it’s the state that sends people like Lindsey Graham, Nancy Mace, and Joe Wilson to Washington. Wilson has just introduced a bill that will unveil a bust depicting the Ukrainian president at Capitol. The state legislature is worse, as the GOP voters just delivered a bill to destroy solid supermajorities. This divide between voters and party elites appears to be growing.

Republicans are optimistic after an encouraging election result and look forward to strong supermajorities at both houses this session. Picking up seven House seats in November, Republicans now command an 88-36 majority, the largest they’ve ever secured. Although the Senate wasn’t up for election, Republicans have a majority of 30-16 and, together with the governorship they should be able to govern in accordance the values of the majority voters in Palmetto State. Unfortunately, just like almost every super-red state, the elected Republicans reflect Lindsey Graham’s values more than Ralph Norman who was the only SC Republican to rebel against Kevin McCarthy last Wednesday.

It is part of a nationwide trend thanks to…

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