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House GOP lends support to big tech collusion lawsuit against Biden


A dozen House Republicans have thrown their weight behind a lawsuit accusing the Biden administration of unlawfully colluding with tech giants to limit Americans’ free speech.

The GOP wing of the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government filed an amicus brief late Monday in the multi-state battle against the White House.

“[E]vidence shows that the Biden Administration has relentlessly pressured private entities—sometimes in cooperation with other private entities—to censor speech that the Administration disliked,” the brief said.

“On issue after issue, the Biden Administration has distorted the free marketplace of ideas promised by the First Amendment, bringing the weight of federal authority to bear on any speech it dislikes—including memes and jokes,” the lawmakers added.

Jim Jordan
Rep. Jim Jordan has been waging a crusade against the alleged weaponization of government against conservatives.

The brief was filed with the New Orleans-based Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals as it considers a White House appeal of a Louisiana judge’s July 4 order barring executive branch officials from contacting social media companies.

That order, which was later put on hold by the appeals court, stemmed from a civil suit brought last year by Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry and…

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