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How Governors Can Implement Their Vision for Workforce development: Policy levers Available through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act


This brief outlines the menu of policy options Governors have available to them when assessing how to optimize their public workforce system so that it responds to their state or territory’s priority needs and builds more sustainable talent pipelines for tomorrow.


To help ensure Governors and their appointed workforce development board and agency leaders are informed of the full set of tools at their disposal, the Workforce Development & Economic Policy program in the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices has prepared this brief to outline the unique policy levers available to Governors under Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). Title I of WIOA, which represents the bulk of federal workforce funding that flows directly into states and territories, is the focus of this brief. It authorizes a range of activities and services in order to connect people to employment opportunities through American Job Centers and creates state and local workforce boards to direct these activities.

Developed through a comprehensive review of WIOA’s statute, final rule, and relevant guidance (as well as through years of collaboration with local, state and federal workforce development leaders), this brief outlines high-impact opportunities for Governors in the…

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