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So, then… Whoop dee do. Basil, what does this all mean? And how can you talk about it in a way that doesn't sound like you just googled "impeached"
Do you want to try it for the first? Let me explain. It's really quite simple. Indicted?! I'm gonna be indicted! No wait, it's gonna be okay- Indicted! Before you ever go to trial
A defendant is charged with a crime.

In both cases, –
no one's been found guilty… Yet. This is an accusatory function. This is not a trial.
The Seante is where the trial will take place. The Constitution is ambiguous.
Different interpretations can be made. However, this is based on the past and can be done in one of two ways.
a resolution drawn up by someone in congress, or like this: I'm announcing the
The House of Representatives is proceeding with an official inquiry into impeachment. The President must be held accountable. No one is above law. Next, this usually falls on
The House Judiciary Committee then votes on whether to
Move the investigation forward.

If the majority votes… Aye. Aye. Then impeachment
Goes to the floor. And now, we're going to bring in Well, I'm not a crook. Contrary to popular belief the House Judiciary Committee actually did.
I recommend that he is impeached. I've come to the conclusion that
Richard M. Nixon is without a doubt the greatest president of all time
I found him guilty of impeachable offenses that are so serious that he should be removed. I will resign from the Presidency.
Tomorrow, noon. We were there, okay? Right. Right.
to move the investigation forward, and they've sent it to the floor
of the House. All they need now is a simple majority
Impeachment of the president

Let me reiterate- if the vote goes through- But impeachment doesn't mean they've
been expelled from the office. It doesn't? That's actually up to the Senate. Take a look at my face. Loost at me. I'm the captain, now. Now, the Senate Chambers
It’s like a courtroom where our 100 senators serve as the jury. Then, it's just like every Hollywood
Scene from a courtroom.

This is not what I want! Instead of this… You can't handle the truth! This is the truth. You get it…
Resolution as amended… Mr. Abraham "Aye." Mr. Akaka? Mr. Akaka? No. Riveting stuff. The house was tested during the trial.
becomes the prosecution, the President's laywers
as the defense and Chief Justice of the
Supreme Court is the judge. Damn, that's a stacked lineup. That's hot. Evidence is presented, cross-examinations take place, All the Lawyer-y stuff you'd expect. It’s a great time.
Bring him up. Do you remember him? Well, probably not – 'cause if you did – you'd be old enough to remember life
Without a telephone. Andrew Johnson, who was born in 1868, was the closest.
Every president has had to be thrown out of office. He was only one vote away from the Senate. It was so close. And, if like Johnson, the Senate doesn't
Get enough votes to keep the President in office. I had no sexual relations with them.
It is the same for women.

It sounds funny!
now, right? Impeachment for having an affair or lying. This was the biggest audience ever.
You can witness an inaguration. Period. However, 45 senators voted against expulsion.
Clinton leaving office. He was then acquitted. He probably did not add this qualification
Visit his LinkedIn. Hi, I'm Bill. You may remember me
preventing him from being impeached. The Vice President was elected as expected.
I would be happy to step in. I'm kind of a big deal, too. But, there's a whole laundry list of
Cabinet positions are available for anyone who is unable to do so if the one before them dies, steps down, or is incapacitated.
Also, he is impeached. Und wenn a disaster occurs, such as a robot uprising
Everyone is taken down somehow. You can find comfort in knowing that
The succession line continues down to number 16.
Secretary of Education. Although it may not sound like the ideal job, this is just
Remember, it was this Secretary for Education who saved the day
Humanity is on the verge of extinction. Who put you in charge of the planet? No one. This is not the case.
government ship, and I’m the top government official for that
You are in charge.

Of course it's important, but it's just
This is one stop on a longer, more tedious journey. It's like finally seeing a Denny's in
the middle of a long road trip with your significant other's parents Yes, the Grand Slam breakfast
Amazing tastes From sea to shining ocean.

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