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How to attend movie premieres in New York City & Beyond


Imagine this: A-list celebrities walk star-studded red-carpets in extravagant dresses and glamorous makeup, while you envy this scene from your (cozy!) couch. New York is well-known for hosting premieres and movie screenings. If you’ve ever wondered how to attend movie screenings in NYC and beyond, you might be surprised to learn there are several ways to do so (outside of global fame).

Premieres and screenings are an opportunity to promote upcoming films before they become mainstream. There are often canapes and cocktails available for cast and crew members, friends, celebrities, or influencers. Although many of these events require invitations, some are open to the public. Film buffs have the opportunity to attend or view the film in person. Here are some links to bookmark. 

1. Volunteer at Film Festivals

Volunteer at film festivals to gain first-hand knowledge and experience. You will have exclusive access to film screenings, but you also get the opportunity to meet other filmmakers.

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