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Hunter Biden’s Indictment – John Podhoretz, Commentary Magazine


There’s only so far you can push things. This is something people possessed of elementary prudence know down to their marrow, and it’s something sociopaths and people with impulse-control problems simply cannot learn. And this is the lesson of the Hunter Biden indictment handed down today. Hunter Biden was indicted today because he and his lawyers pushed things. They secured a sweetheart plea but when the terms of the deal suddenly looked rather less attractive to them than they had imagined—just minutes before it was all about to be formalized—they chose to blow up the deal. In so doing, they guaranteed that what happened today was going to happen.

Perhaps they thought that, since they had had the situation wired before—a slap on the wrist that they imagined would immunize him forever from any future trouble based on his past conduct—the powers that be would see to it that it would be wired again. But even a Justice Department bending itself over backwards and into a pretzel and then into a Gordian knot cannot allow a highly visible defendant to scrap his own plea deal without consequences.

A plea deal, after all, is based on the stipulation that the person who is pleading down did something illegal. If the deal is struck, even before it’s formally signed, it means the defendant has acknowledged…

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