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Indiana robber wants his guns used against him


A man in Indiana was armed not only with one gun but also with two guns. However, apartment dwellers were able disable him quickly and stop the attempted robbery.

Marrell B. Tyson, 18, is accused of breaking into the Annex Kokomo Apartments on Thursday at 3:25 AM. According to police, he believed he could rob residents easily since he disguised his identity using a ski mask and was armed only with two guns. He apparently didn’t realize that his firearms could be used against him.

Tyler is said to have broken into an apartment at the Kokomo complex. He allegedly broke into the wrong apartment.

Police say that Tyler’s gun was taken by the three male residents of his apartment. Tyler pulled out a second gun, but the residents fought back. The struggle ended with one bullet fired, but no one was hurt. The residents eventually managed to disarm the would be robber.

Tyler did not steal prized possessions. He got his face rearranged. Tyler was allegedly beat up and pinned down by his neighbors. Tyler was held at gunpoint by Tyler’s neighbors until police arrived on the scene.

Tyler was taken to the Community Howard Hospital with multiple facial injuries.

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