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Inside The Rust Belt Town in Blight Where John Fetterman Was the Mayor


It is hard to imagine that Braddock, Pennsylvania, would produce one of the nation’s most high-profile and controversial Senate candidates.

Dotted by shuttered buildings connected via pothole-filled roads, Braddock — which was once the thriving home of a steel mill constructed by Andrew Carnegie — is today the residence of roughly 1,700 people. A slim 11% have a bachelor’s degree, only 34% have a job, and median household income is $23,000.

Braddock, Pennsylvania: Abandoned Buildings (Images via The Daily Wire).

John Fetterman, the current lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania, made his political career in this crucible. After growing up in York, Pennsylvania — located in the thriving south-central region of the commonwealth — and earning a master’s degree from Harvard University, Fetterman was sent by government public service agency AmeriCorps to Braddock in 2004 with a mission of starting a youth art program. Two years later, he narrowly became the city’s mayor and remained in his post until 2019.

Fetterman’s wife, Gisele Barreto Fetterman, spent much of that time encouraging nonprofits to enter Braddock. The second lady of…

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