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Is it possible that the left will soon be able to take over your pickup truck? Critics claim that there is a growing movement to teach Americans how to live.


Ford pickup trucks have been an American icon for over 50 years. However, liberal critics believe that they should end their love affair because they are becoming larger, more dangerous, and bulkier. 

A new Axios study found that small pickup trucks have almost disappeared from the marketplace to fit Americans’ changing lifestyles. 

Some experts believe that supersized trucks pose greater dangers to pedestrians than other drivers. This is because they are so high up. As companies move from fossil fuels to electric vehicles, gas-guzzlers become a bigger concern.

Mollie Hemingway, Fox News contributor, stated that “it’s not shocking” that the left wants trucks taken away.

Trucks were the foundation of America. It was the trucks. [that] Hemingway explained Tuesday, “Outnumbered,” how he had helped to build everything that is important in this country.

“[The left] He doesn’t like people having full control of their own lives. This authoritarian tendency on the left must be stopped. But you pray that … people care enough about it that they’ll resist it.”

Co-host Emily Compagno argued…

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